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  • Frantz Fanon, on/for his Birthday, 20 July 1925.

    Frantz Fanon (Fort de France 1925-Washington 1961) ON NATIONAL CULTURE […] I am ready to concede that on the plane of factual being the past existence of an Aztec civilization does not change anything , very much in the diet of the Mexican peasant of today. I admit that all the proofs of a wonderful […]

  • Charles Bernstein: Outside of Tune, Inside of Time

    Charles Bernstein’s response / closing talk at the Outside-in / Inside-out conference in Glasgow this past October. Inspired by the recently published fifth volume of Poems for the Millennium, Barbaric Vast & Wild: A Gathering of Outside & Subterranean Poetry from Origins to Present, edited by Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg-Rissman, this festival and symposium […]

  • Interview on Maghreb Anthology in “Africa Is A Country”

    The Book of North African Literature: Pierre Joris on Poetry and Miscegenation. By Orlando Reade. December 5 2013. A 743-page anthology of North African literature was published by the University of California last year. Ranging from documents made in sixth century Carthage to experimental prose published months after the 2011 uprisings, the Book of North African […]

  • Summer’s Ahead, Says Nicole

    Adishatz, Hello! Our spring was busy & rich with a great tour of the UK. You can find videos & pix on my facebook page, Pierre Joris’ blog & more links below. We are now almost ready to embark on a long summer transhumance filled with many exciting stages — see short & longer term dates below. Meanwhile, […]

  • Norbert Hirschhorn on Diwan Ifrikiya

    On this morning’s London EYEWEAR blog — first paras below: Norbert Hirschhorn reviews Poems for the Millennium [Volume 4] The University of California Book of North African Literature, edited by Pierre Joris andHabib Tengour, 2012 This is the fourth volume in the series, Poems for the Millennium, begun by Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris under the imprint of the University of […]

  • Jean el Mouhoub Amrouche

    In the valley d’Oueil, high up in the Pyrenees right now (will post a series of photos form the walks soon) with most of the time still spent proofing the Maghreb anthology. Here is an extract from the fourth Diwan: Resistance and Road to Independence: Jean el Mouhoub Amrouche (Ighil Ali, 1906–Paris, 1962)  ADORATION OF THE PALM […]

  • A Wonderful Way of Having My Holidays Spoiled!

    So here I was, barely set up in my Pyrenean retreat, the lousy Euro-weather just beginning to switch to summer warmth, when, whamm! here come the 750+ page proofs for  Poems for the Millennium, Volume 4: The University of California Book of North African Literature. They’ll keep me busy until I return to NYC (I’ll holiday […]

  • Hamid Skif

    From the forthcoming Poems for the Millennium 4: Three Poems by Hamid Skif COUNTER-POEM PIM PAM POUM Today’s the wedding PIM PAM POUM Cadillacs, Mercedes, Villas. Couscous with hot blood. PIM PAM POUM My hands clenched to paralysis My lips in my mouth My sex in front of me I await my sister My future wife. […]

  • Before Columbus Book Award for Poems for the Millennium 3

    In advance of an official announcement, this is to report that Poems for the Millennium, volume 3: The University of California Book of Romantic and Postromantic Poetry, edited by Jerome Rothenberg and Jeffrey Robinson, will receive a 2010 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation.  It’s our understanding that there will be fourteen such […]

  • One busy week…

    Well, indeed, that was one busy week:  after picking up Habib Tengour at Newark airport early Sunday afternoon (with about an hour extra time in customs thanks to his Arab passport), we made it in good time to the Bowery Poetry project for the Poems for the Millennium volume 3 presentation & reading, with co-editors […]