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  • PJ interviews Yamen Manaï re his novel “L’amas ardent” @ Albertine

    A short English presentation of the novel can be seen here as L’amas Ardent in a few words.

  • From Glasgow: Flash Interview #3

    Pierre Joris Flash Interview #3 from Tawil Productions on Vimeo. Nicole Peyrafitte conducts & films another spontaneous Flash Interview at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow where we spent an excellent near-week for the Outside-in / Inside-out poetry conference.

  • Interview with Jerome Rothenberg & Pierre Joris

    from: Poetry Project Newsletter: November 18, 2015 In the exploration of borders and boundaries of poetry, I can think of no better guides than Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris. They both graciously agreed to participate in a discussion of what’s happening in poetry at the moment– poetry as outsidered, what identity can mean, where and […]

  • Tageblatt Article on PJ @ Luxembourg National Theater

    Heute hier, morgen da Eineinhalb Stunden verfliegen wie zehn Minuten, und selbst der Automatenkaffee schmeckt irgendwie nach Zaubertrank. Ein wenig high verlässt man das Theater schon – nach einem Gespräch mit Pierre Joris. Die Droge? Na, die Sprache. Er wohnt nicht in Luxemburg, sondern in New York. Und er ist eigentlich kein Theatermensch, sondern in […]

  • The PEN Ten with Dunya Mikhail

    A pleasure to see this interview with Dunya Mikhail on the PEN site. Below the opening sparagraphs; tou can read the whole interview here. By: Randa Jarrar PUBLISHED ON AUGUST 25, 2015 Photo of Dunya Mikhail by Cary Loren The PEN Ten is PEN America’s weekly interview series. This week, guest editor Randa Jarrar speaks […]

  • Happy 70th B-Day, Wim Wenders!

  • Paul Celan and the Meaning of Language — An Interview with Pierre Joris

    Above right: Paul Celan, passport photo Breathturn into Timestead: The Collected Later Poetry of Paul Celan A Bilingual Edition Translated and with Commentary by Pierre Joris Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 736 pages,ISBN-10: 0374125988   Doug Valentine with Pierre Joris Paul Celan and the Meaning of Language An Interview with Pierre Joris   There is great […]

  • 2 Or 3 Things I know About Him

    1) Today, Wednesday 14 May, for those who have German, portrait-interview by Vesna Andonovic in the Luxembourg “paper of record,” the Luxemburger Wort, entitled “The Integral in the Open Field.” E-version not available yet. 2) check out maintenant #94 – pierre joris: An interview with Pierre Joris by SJ Fowler. 3:AM: The primary legacy of your work and […]

  • Interview with Nawal El Saadawi

    Below the opening paragraphs of an interview with Egyptian author Nawal El Saadawi; you can read the full interview in Qantara magazine, here: “They don’t want any really courageous people!” The spirited Egyptian author and feminist Nawal El Saadawi is not afraid of castigating the hypocrisy of the political system and the continued violations of […]

  • New Issue of Barzakh Magazine & PJ Interview

    Tomorrow is the official launch of issue # 6 of BARZAKH, the University at Albany online Literary Magazine. Here, as preview, a conversation with me published in the issue.