DomoPoetics Page

As follow-up on Nicole Peyrafitte’s & my performances/readings/installations at the Galerie Simoncini in Luxembourg, we have created a page that will gather the materials of our domopoetics collaborations. You can check it out by clicking HERE, it will lead you to a range of visual documents on the events & starts with this video: Peyrafitte/Joris Domopoetic Works at Galerie Simoncini Oct 2017 from Tawil Productions on Vimeo.

Adonis Wins Kumaran Asan World Prize for Poetry While Showcasing Visual Art

BY MLYNXQUALEY on APRIL 8, 2015 • ( 0 ) On Monday, the Syrian poet Adonis was chosen to win the Kumaran Asan World Prize for Poetry, given in memory of the legendary Malayalam poet: This honor — the lastest for the much-laureled Paris-based poet — came just after Adonis opened “A,” a Paris exhibition of his visual art. According to The Times of India and The Hindu, jury member K Jayakuma said at a news conference … Read more Adonis Wins Kumaran Asan World Prize for Poetry While Showcasing Visual Art

Mahmood Darwish, Five Years Already

Last night, just before falling asleep I was reading in Pascal Quignard’s Sur le jadis (volume 2 of his Dernier Royaume series) & came across the following sentence: “C’est une plaie qui cherche son couteau. / It is a wound looking for its knife.” I put the book down to go to sleep, but the sentence kept running through my mind & for some reason started to irritate. I … Read more Mahmood Darwish, Five Years Already

Summer’s Ahead, Says Nicole

Adishatz, Hello! Our spring was busy & rich with a great tour of the UK. You can find videos & pix on my facebook page, Pierre Joris’ blog & more links below. We are now almost ready to embark on a long summer transhumance filled with many exciting stages — see short & longer term dates below. Meanwhile, let me fill you in on our publications. Bi-Valve : Vulvic Space / Vulvic Knowledge — which … Read more Summer’s Ahead, Says Nicole

Poetic Voices of the Muslim World

This is a fabulous site and the whole project is excellent. Poets House & City Lore are to be congratulated for their pioneering work. I participated in the first installment here in New York 2 years ago with a talk on Maghrebi literature, & the occasion provided me with a  range of discoveries both in terms of Middle Eastern literature and in matters of translation.  This expanded nomadic version … Read more Poetic Voices of the Muslim World

Poems & Poetics from “Bi-Valve”

Yesterday Jerome Rothenberg published a selection of new works by Nicole Peyrafitte on his poems and poetics blog (& thus also on the Jacket2 version of the blog, here). The opening header & pix here below: Nicole Peyrafitte: Poems and Poetics from “Bi-Valve” JEROME ROTHENBERG [Nicole Peyrafitte’s move from the French Pyrenees to the United States came in 1987, and from California to New York in the 1990s. She … Read more Poems & Poetics from “Bi-Valve”

Lucas Cranach the Elder Digitalized

The above from a quite extraordinary site that has digitalized most if not all of Cranach the Elder’s paintings, & constitutes one of the most effective uses of e-archives I can imagine. Check it out & enjoy, here. If the quality of the pictures is absolutely superb, I wish they had created a slightly more user-friendly way of moving around the site. But this is a total treat. Here … Read more Lucas Cranach the Elder Digitalized

Allen Fisher Show in Hereford

Allen Fisher writes:   Meditation Trap #3 no.1, 2003   This is to invite you to attend or at least let you know about an OPENING and VIEW of work at APPLE STORE GALLERY, 3 Bridge Street, HEREFORD. The evening viewing is on Thursday 5th January 2012, 6 to 8 pm. RSVP The exhibition runs Tuesday to Saturday from 3rd January until 25th February. It is an exhibition with … Read more Allen Fisher Show in Hereford

Allen Fisher’s PROPOSALS

Last week the mailman  brought — to my greatest delight — the latest Spanner Editions production: Proposals 1-35 by Allen Fisher. This is a gorgeously produced full color sequence of “poem-image-commentary” ensembles. Not sure what is the best way to acquire this little marvel, but you can always write to Spanner editions at 14 Hopton Road, Hereford HR1 1BE, U.K. — Addendum: You can now buy the book online … Read more Allen Fisher’s PROPOSALS

New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out

NEW WRITING Michael Basinski & Ginny O’Brien • Chris Goode on Basinski • Keston Sutherland • Justin Katko • Emily Critchley • Luke Roberts • Francesca Lisette • Dale Smith • Geoffrey Gatza • Josh Stanley • Frances Kruk • David Hadbawnik • Lisa Forrest • Carrie Etter • Francis Crot • Rosa Alcalá FEATURE New writing and 6 full-color visual pieces from Allen Fisher followed by an extended … Read more New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out