A Morning in Luxembourg

I’m in grey, rainy (so what’s new?) Luxembourg for a vernissage (see this blog, here). Visit family & talk a long walk, then sit at the Place d’Armes (d’Plëss), drink coffee or Rosporter bubbly water, talk to people. Grey rainy morning until on the bandstand of the square where usually the municipal brass band holds forth  for lunch -time concerts, a Qatari traditional orchestra with ouds, various drums, violins & a … Read more A Morning in Luxembourg

Warm Dusklands on a Very Cold New York Day

On the coldest day (so far!) of the year here in New York, why not warm up by reading Robin Yassin-Kassab‘s account of his trip through Morocco — which ends up on summer afternoon in Marrakesh where it is 47 degrees Celsius — or 116 degrees Fahrenheit! Of course, if you have my Poems for the Millennium vol. 4 (North African Literature) handy, you can read up & extend … Read more Warm Dusklands on a Very Cold New York Day

Summer’s Ahead, Says Nicole

Adishatz, Hello! Our spring was busy & rich with a great tour of the UK. You can find videos & pix on my facebook page, Pierre Joris’ blog & more links below. We are now almost ready to embark on a long summer transhumance filled with many exciting stages — see short & longer term dates below. Meanwhile, let me fill you in on our publications. Bi-Valve : Vulvic Space / Vulvic Knowledge — which … Read more Summer’s Ahead, Says Nicole

Tough Getting Into the Good Ole US of A

Interestingly enough, given my recent posts on Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan’s unexplained non-visa to the US, this morning’s New York Times has a good piece on the problem. First paras below: U.S. Visa Rules Deprive Stages of Performers By LARRY ROHTER Published: April 11, 2012 Everything seemed set for the American debut last month of Pitingo, the rising young flamenco singing star: the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center had been … Read more Tough Getting Into the Good Ole US of A

The Rimbaldian Pleasures of Paris

An afternoon spent walking the streets of Paris, stopping every so often in a bookshop, then walking on for awhile until the temptation is too much & I have to sit on the terrace of a café (first afternoon this was possible: some sun & a near-human temperature) & start reading one of the books just bought. Today’s books include Pierre Guyotat’s Arrière-Fond (the second installment of his autobiography), … Read more The Rimbaldian Pleasures of Paris

What do Luxembourg, a Python Skin, Translation & Ed Dorn Have in Common?

Nothing, except this post: Off this afternoon to Luxembourg to visit the family, and especially my mother, 88 and not in great shape. Then on to Paris & a conference on translation (details in the next few days for those of you interested in translation who may be in Paris on 11-12 May). Last night Ken Irby forwarded the photo below — via Kyle Waugh — of a smiling … Read more What do Luxembourg, a Python Skin, Translation & Ed Dorn Have in Common?