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  • Behrouz Boochani: “This is the deepest form of violence in the world“

    Behrouz Boochani: “This is the deepest form of violence in the world“

    by Holly Young for Spex magazine Behrouz Boochani has written his latest book through text messages from a detention camp in the South Pacific – and was awarded Australia’s richest literary accolade for it. In an exclusive interview over phone he condemns the country’s immigration policy. And talks about the power of writing. For a German […]

  • PJ interviews Yamen Manaï re his novel “L’amas ardent” @ Albertine

    A short English presentation of the novel can be seen here as L’amas Ardent in a few words.


    VIA VIKING ON CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL AND THE RESURGENCE OF CARBON-FUELED IDEOLOGY April 11, 2018  By William T. Vollmann In the time when I lived, it was still possible to meet Americans who disbelieved in global warming, although the ones I knew became shyer and rarer in about 2013. In 2016, they helped elect Donald Trump president, […]

  • “Jonathan Williams: Lord of the Orchards”

    Wish I could be at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro NC, for editor Jeffery Beams, and contributors Alex Albright, Thorns Craven, Neal Hutcheson, & Tom Patterson’ presentation of their excellent book Jonathan Williams: Lord of the Orchards on Thursday, March 15, 7pm. JW is one of the great neglectorino poets of the 2nd part of the 20C. One of the best […]

  • 19 Arab Authors on Their Favorite Reads of 2017

    Via Arab Literature (in English) & BY MLYNXQUALEY on DECEMBER 20, 2017 • ( 0 ) Each year, ArabLit knocks on the doors of a range of Arab novelists, poets, and memoirists, asking for their favorite reads os 2017. This year’s list was co-edited and -translated by Mahmoud Hosny and M Lynx Qualey: Salim Barakat […]

  • Sam Shepard, Writer — Homage

    My translation into French of Motel Chronicles (and Hawk Moon) came out in 1985 & reused the same cover photo than the US edition above, though I had the original photo, much wider, and wrote the introduction below (in French, originally, quickly translated it right now) based on that one, having asked the publisher, Christian Bourgeois to […]

  • Just Out: “Canto Diurno”!

    Canto Diurno, my Selected Poems (1972-2012) in French (translations coordinated by Jean Portante) and with a foreword by Charles Bernstein, was published this month by Le Castor Astral in their “Les Passeurs d’Inuits” series. Many thanks to Jean Portante, Jean-Yves Reuzeau, Jacques Darras & Charles Bernstein for their invaluable contributions. Here, an extract of Charles Bernstein’s […]

  • Just Out: Ashraf Fayadh’s Instructions Within

    Very pleased to be back in New York, despite all — & find my copy of Ashraf Fayadh’s Instructions Within, translated by Mona Kareem (with Mona Zaki & Jonathan Wright) & published by the operating system. And what a rare occasion it is, design-wise: the parti pris of choosing to print this bilingual (Arab-English) edition the way […]

  • In Gil Sorrentino’s Bay Ridge Diner

    Pierre Joris Flash Interview #1 from Tawil Productions on Vimeo.

  • ‘Lands in Solidarity’ and ‘Resonances’: Producing African Literatures in Algeria

    Via Arab LIterature (in English) &  MLYNXQUALEY on MAY 26, 2016 • ( 0 ) Nadia Ghanem talks with Apic editions and Barzakh editions, two Algerian publishing houses trying to promote literary exhange in Africa: By Nadia Ghanem From Barzakh’s stand at the 2014 book fair in Algiers. From the publisher’s website. Last year, during the […]