Alice Walker’s position on Israeli Boycott

This just in via the Electronic Intifada: JTA and Haaretz distort Alice Walker’s position on boycott of Israeli publisher Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Tue, 06/19/2012 – 11:31 Alice Walker speaks in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. (Lazar Simeonov / TEDxRamallah) A JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) report that was carried by Haaretz, accuses Pulitzer prize-winning author Alice Walker of refusing to allow her iconic book The Color Purpleto be translated into Hebrew: Alice Walker, author of “The Color … Read more Alice Walker’s position on Israeli Boycott

5 a.m. Lucubrations…

… as the snowploughs drive me out of sleep & bed to the desk where I open the window against the offensive heat of a  mid-winter Brooklyn apartment building, and relax in the light swoosh of cars cruising along the Belt Parkway in 3 or 4 inches of new snow.  I haven’t read the book yet, but love the circuitous way the news of its publication came to me: … Read more 5 a.m. Lucubrations…

New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out

NEW WRITING Michael Basinski & Ginny O’Brien • Chris Goode on Basinski • Keston Sutherland • Justin Katko • Emily Critchley • Luke Roberts • Francesca Lisette • Dale Smith • Geoffrey Gatza • Josh Stanley • Frances Kruk • David Hadbawnik • Lisa Forrest • Carrie Etter • Francis Crot • Rosa Alcalá FEATURE New writing and 6 full-color visual pieces from Allen Fisher followed by an extended … Read more New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out

Some Summer Noticings

Catching up with accumulated magazines, webpages & sundry readings, here are a few gleanings: — Good analysis of the BP-disaster & its (very overlooked connections with similar oil-disaster brought about by the naked greed of the Oil Cos in other parts of the world, i.e. far away from what I call the ABS syndrome (American Bellybutton Staring), can be found here, on TomDispatch in a piece by Ellen Cantarow. … Read more Some Summer Noticings

Archipelago's 2010 South African World Cup Promotion

One of my favorite New York presses is Archipelago Books, the most serious independent press publishing translations in this country right now. With the soccer world cup going on, Archipelago is doing a promotion — & believe you me, there is no better way to get you through some of the games or through the waiting for the next round, than by reading one or the other of their … Read more Archipelago's 2010 South African World Cup Promotion

Colonel Williams in Jacket (# 38) & (no) (various) Tie(s)

It gives me great pleasure to bring the following to your attention: Online feature: The Life and Work of Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain Poet, Publisher, Photographer: THE LORD OF ORCHARDS – in Jacket magazine – I’d like to invite your attention to an comprehensive online feature on the life and work of Black Mountain poet, publisher, and photographer Jonathan Williams, THE LORD OF ORCHARDS, edited by myself here at … Read more Colonel Williams in Jacket (# 38) & (no) (various) Tie(s)

Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List

& the winner (aka my favorite favorite book of the year) is: Kenneth Irby THE INTENT ON Collected Poems, 1962- 2006 672 pages; hardcover; gorgeous Thorpe Feidt painting on cover; designed by Jonathan Greene; $40. North Atlantic Books Poetry Douglas Rothschild, Theogony. subpress. Dave Brinks, The Caveat Onus, meditations. Black Widow Press. kari edwards, Bharat jiva. Belladodonna/Litmus. Jerome Rothenberg, Gematria Complete. Marick Press. Stacy Szymaszek, Hyperglossia, Litmus Press. Robert Kelly, … Read more Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List