The Launch of KurdîLit

via Arab Literature (in English) & by MLYNXQUALEY on OCTOBER 1, 2016 • ( 0 ) Although thus far it focuses only on Kurmanjî and Kurmanjkî, two dialects of Kurdish spoken in Turkey,  the KurdîLit project promises to expand to Soranî and Goranî, enlarging the research and information about Kurdish writers across several nations: The newly launched website, officially launched at this year’s Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival, “aims to bring together and digitally archive basic … Read more The Launch of KurdîLit

‘Manifesto for Translation’ Signed by Adonis, Ahlem Mosteghanemi, Sonallah Ibrahim, Others

via Arab literature (in English) & by MLYNXQUALEY on JUNE 25, 2016 • ( 2 ) More than twenty prominent writers laid their signatures beneath a “Manifesto for Translation” aimed at Mediterranean states: The signatories incude such prominent authors as Adonis, Alaa Al-Aswany, Mohammed Berrada, Sonallah Ibrahim, Khaled Al-Khamissi, and Ahlem Mosteghanemi. It has been translated into several languages and can be signed online. The English version: Languages are like Ulysses: they travel. … Read more ‘Manifesto for Translation’ Signed by Adonis, Ahlem Mosteghanemi, Sonallah Ibrahim, Others


In March 2010, Moroccan writer and scholar Abdelfattah Kilito gave a talk at the Sharjah Art Foundation Symposium titled “Thou Shalt Not Translate.” Naser Albreeky has translated: Presented by Moroccan Writer Abdelfattah Kilito Translation by Naser Albreeky Figure: Kalila wa-Dimna. Syrian manuscript. Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, MS arabe 3465, folio 57. The title that I have suggested for my talk includes something of a jest. I invite … Read more ABDELFATTAH KILITO’S ‘THOU SHALT NOT TRANSLATE ME,’ TRANSLATED

Hyperion Mallarmé

A new issue of Hyperion, the first of a two-part issue on Mallarmé curated by guest editor Kari Hukkila, was released at the end of last year. It features new texts written expressly for this occasion, as well as the first-ever English translation of Alain Badiou’s Perroquet text from 1986, “Est-il exact que toute pensée émet un coup de dés?” Badiou reads Mallarmé’s Coup de dés as “the greatest … Read more Hyperion Mallarmé

‘Many, Many Works of Wonder’: Beyond the Classic Classics

via the always great Arabic Literature (in English) BY MLYNXQUALEY on JULY 14, 2015 • ( 0 ) The fifth session of “A Corpus Not a Canon: A Workshop on the Library of Arabic Literature,” a panel series hosted by Dame Marina Warner and LAL General Editor Philip Kennedy at All Souls College, Oxford in April, focused on “LAL’s remit, ambition, and complexity.” Philip Kennedy and Richard Sieburth led … Read more ‘Many, Many Works of Wonder’: Beyond the Classic Classics


BY MLYNXQUALEY on JUNE 25, 2015 • ( 2 ) Morocco’s “National Coalition for Arabic” is reportedly up in arms over a Ramadan sitcom it says “mocks the Arabic language”; a government minister says speaking formal Arabic causes her “a fever”; a recent report suggests teaching Darija, or Moroccan Arabic, in early primary: An ordinary summer in the struggle over language in Morocco. Darija* (the language that’s doing the mocking) and Standard … Read more MOROCCO IN ‘OPEN CONFRONTATION WITH THE ARABIC LANGUAGE(S)’?

A Two-Bit Morning

1)  Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research  12/17/2013 Recognizing the Elephant in the Room: Future Climate Impacts across Sectors A pioneering collaboration within the international scientific community has provided comprehensive projections of climate change effects, ranging from water scarcity to risks to crop yields. This interdisciplinary effort, employing extensive model inter-comparisons, allows research gaps to be identified, whilst producing the most robust possible findings. The … Read more A Two-Bit Morning

Talking of Celan in Philadelphia Tomorrow

THE HOLOCAUST EXPERIENCE IN THE POETRY OF PAUL CELAN A conversation with Pierre Joris, moderated by Al Filreis KELLY WRITERS HOUSE Wexler Family Program 6:00 PM in the Arts Cafe hosted by: Al Filreis I’ll be in conversation with Al Filreis concerning what I consider the very often oversimplified views of the experience of Khurbn — to use Jerome Rothenberg’s “dark word” which I prefer to either “holocaust” or “Shoa” … Read more Talking of Celan in Philadelphia Tomorrow

Jacob Grimm — Tales &/of Words

The great German philologist Jacob Grimm died 150 years ago today. If you like dictionaries, you should check out what is still he greatest German language Wörterbuch — now online & available for free, here. My work on translating Paul Celan was made immeasurably easier by that dictionary, especially as it was Celan’s own favorite source for uncontaminated German & for etymologies & local dialectical variations. Jacob Grimm  described … Read more Jacob Grimm — Tales &/of Words