A Brief Odyssey of Various Odyssey translations & the lrb

  In the London Review of Books of 26 April, Colin Burrow reviewed three translations of the Odyssey, the most recent one being Emily Wilson’s, here. After reading it I felt that Burrow had missed out on a further major recent translation, that done by Charles Stein, & for once decided to send a letter to the editor. The lrb responded with what I take is its usual email, … Read more A Brief Odyssey of Various Odyssey translations & the lrb

News of “Lost & Found”

Lost & Found has upcoming events in Lowell, Los Angeles, and New York this spring! Read on for more info—we hope to see you soon! “Follow the Person” / Out of the Schools and Into the Archives The Jack & Stella Kerouac Center for the Public Humanities | Tues March 8 Founding editor Ammiel Alcalay will discuss the Lost & Found project at the Jack and Stella Kerouac Center … Read more News of “Lost & Found”

Hyperion Mallarmé

A new issue of Hyperion, the first of a two-part issue on Mallarmé curated by guest editor Kari Hukkila, was released at the end of last year. It features new texts written expressly for this occasion, as well as the first-ever English translation of Alain Badiou’s Perroquet text from 1986, “Est-il exact que toute pensée émet un coup de dés?” Badiou reads Mallarmé’s Coup de dés as “the greatest … Read more Hyperion Mallarmé

New Issue of Hyperion: Musil, Carmelo Bene, Emilio Villa & More!

A superb issue of a magnificently eclectic magazine, just out! Volume VIII, No. 1 (spring 2014) This issue of Hyperion is dedicated to Louis le Brocquy (1916–2012) Complete Issue PDF [forthcoming soon] Also available on issuu.com [forthcoming soon] Cover PDF Mast Head PDF Table of Contents PDF Thought… to the Purpose PDF Nicholas Birns, Reenchantment is not Enough: Gosetti-Ferencei’s Post-Heideggerian Heidegger PDF Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei, A New Poetics of Dasein PDF Carmelo … Read more New Issue of Hyperion: Musil, Carmelo Bene, Emilio Villa & More!

Asymptote Review of Millennium Vol IV

Beatriz Leal Riesco reviews Poems for the Millennium, Volume Four: The University of California Book of North African Literature Edited by Pierre Joris and Habib Tengour (University of California Press, 2013) To bring together for the first time for the English-speaking public a broad range of texts from North Africa, ranging from ancient myths from the oral tradition to the most cutting-edge of contemporary poetry, has been the signal achievement … Read more Asymptote Review of Millennium Vol IV


LITMUS PRESS WINTER FUNDRAISING DRIVE Thanks for your support! It’s what keeps us going. As we round out our tenth year of publishing, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of Litmus Press. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission of publishing innovative, cross-genre writing, poetry, and works in translation.   In 2011, contributions from our community helped support the publication … Read more LITMUS PRESS WINTER FUNDRAISING DRIVE

Vlak Reading @ St Mark’s on 27 September

Launch of LPB’s new magazine, VLAK: Contemporary Poetics & the Arts For anyone who happens to be in NYC this September, you are cordially invited to the launch of the inaugural issue of LPB’s new magazine, VLAK, at the St Marks Poetry Project, 131 E. 10th Street, 8pm, on the 27th. This reading launches the inaugural issue of Vlak, an international magazine with a broad focus on contemporary poetics, … Read more Vlak Reading @ St Mark’s on 27 September

New Ekleksographia

Friends, Strangers and Fellow Poets, Ahadada Books‘ online journal Ekleksographia presents Wave Three: The France Issue, in memory of Raymond Federman and guest edited by Alexander Dickow, featuring original work and translations by the editor and by Barbara Beck, Philippe Beck, Audrey van de Sandt, Alexis Tchoudnowsky, David Christoffel, Alessandro De Francesco, Noura Wedell, Jennifer K. Dick, Henri Droguet, Raymond Federman, Pierre Le Pillouër, Bruno Fern, Frédéric Forte, Michelle … Read more New Ekleksographia

New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out

NEW WRITING Michael Basinski & Ginny O’Brien • Chris Goode on Basinski • Keston Sutherland • Justin Katko • Emily Critchley • Luke Roberts • Francesca Lisette • Dale Smith • Geoffrey Gatza • Josh Stanley • Frances Kruk • David Hadbawnik • Lisa Forrest • Carrie Etter • Francis Crot • Rosa Alcalá FEATURE New writing and 6 full-color visual pieces from Allen Fisher followed by an extended … Read more New Issue of "Damn The Caesars" Just Out