Archipelago's 2010 South African World Cup Promotion

One of my favorite New York presses is Archipelago Books, the most serious independent press publishing translations in this country right now. With the soccer world cup going on, Archipelago is doing a promotion — & believe you me, there is no better way to get you through some of the games or through the waiting for the next round, than by reading one or the other of their … Read more Archipelago's 2010 South African World Cup Promotion

Manderscheid's Soccer Players

Roger Manderscheid, the great Luxembourg poet, novelist and artist who passed away earlier this month (here),  published a lovely book of his color drawings on soccer themes back in 2006 with an introduction by his friend, the  other excellent Luxembourg novelist in the mame loshn,  Guy Rewenig (possibly still available from editions ultimondo, 16 rue d’Olm L-8392, Luxembourg). I’ll reproduce a few of his drawings here during the days … Read more Manderscheid's Soccer Players