Eric Mottram on France Culture

While preparing my essay on Eric Mottram for next week’s conference at King’s College London, I came across a radio-program I did for France-Culture in 1983 (available right now as they rebroadcast it in August 2016). It was the opener of a series that also included one-hour programs on Tom Raworth, Bob Cobbing, Allen Fisher & Jeff Nuttall. These last 4 have unhappily not been rebroadcast recently & so … Read more Eric Mottram on France Culture

James Sherry’s Princely Oligarch

A most useful & thoughtful book, just out! (& James has a special offer which allows you to get the ebook for $15: use code PB2S17). Here is how the author describes his writing-through of Machiaveli’s classic: “This book uses the structure of Machiavelli’s The Prince to show how governance has changed over the last 500 years. If Machiavelli focuses on power concentrated in the hands of the republic or principalities, … Read more James Sherry’s Princely Oligarch

An Open Letter From Pussy Riot

Five members of Pussy Riot performed at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow in 2012. (photo: Pussy Riot) By Pussy Riot, Common Dreams 08 February 14 e, the anonymous members of Pussy Riot, would like to say many thanks to all the people who have supported us all this time, those who demanded the release of our members, those who sympathized with us and sympathized with our ideology. … Read more An Open Letter From Pussy Riot

Real Revolutionaries Carry a Banjo: Jesse Drew on Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger and Jesse Drew up the Hudson Via: Retort [Jesse Drew sends us his reflections on the late Pete Seeger, whom he met during the making of his documentary on the politics of country music. A rough mix of Open Country was screened and presented by Jesse and Glenda at last January’s Retort, during which we learnt that the new Billboard category ‘Country and Western’ was a McCarthy era (December 1949) coinage intended to … Read more Real Revolutionaries Carry a Banjo: Jesse Drew on Pete Seeger

A Message from the Yes Men

Hi, 2014 is going to be the most mischief-laden, contestational year in the entire history of years so far—for us at least: this month, we finish the Action Switchboard. (That’s why we’ve been bugging you for donations.) Here’s how it’ll work: Suppose you live in New York. Suppose you’ve just elected a new mayor, one Bill de Blasio, who clearly wants to do the right thing, but needs public pressure to … Read more A Message from the Yes Men

Alcalay & Hollander at Bard College!

ON TRANSLATION AND POETIC IDENTITY IN THE AGE OF IDENTITY POLITICS WITH AMMIEL ALCALAY AND BENJAMIN HOLLANDER Monday, November 18, 2013 Olin 115, 11:50am-1:10pm Ammiel Alcalay and Benjamin Hollander will address how translation as act and idea has shaped their practices and poetic identities. Hollander, who grew up between German and Hebrew before coming to the English he now writes in, will speak to how this linguistic and cultural journey has been translated into the … Read more Alcalay & Hollander at Bard College!

Elias Khoury’s Letter to the Real ‘Gate of the Sun’

Bab al-Shams before First posted on January 13, 2013 on Arabic Literature (in English). A few days ago, Palestinians started to erect a new village, Bab al-Shams (Gate of the Sun) on land seized by Israel for new settlements. (More in Electronic Intifada, NYTimes.) The village’s name is taken from Elias Khoury’s beautiful, epic novel, Bab Al Shams, or Gate of the Sun (trans. Humphrey Davies, published by Archipelago). Yesterday, … Read more Elias Khoury’s Letter to the Real ‘Gate of the Sun’