Larry & I

Numero Cinq, an excellent online magazine, has a nice spread of friend Dan Wilcox’s poet-photos. I do hope that one of these days Dan can find a way of showing a few thousands of his poet-photos — a true treasure trove I have seen him amassing since we first met some 18 years ago, & he certainly took thousands before that. You can also check out my translations of Habib Tengour in that issue. It … Read more Larry & I

Short, Thorny Messages & Earthquakes

Started the morning by looking & puzzling at the photo John Maas sent (above) and reading & puzzling at the Press release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) (below): 10/19/2010 What do short messages and earthquakes have in common? According to a new study, communication via short messaging can be described with the same mathematical laws used for describing the occurrence of earthquakes, strong rainfalls and … Read more Short, Thorny Messages & Earthquakes


Margo Berdeshevsky sent these pictures she took yesterday in Paris on the occasion of major “anti-xenophobia” demonstrations held all across France. These demos are in reaction to many weeks of governmental harassment, incarcerations and expulsions of the Rom or East European gypsy people — an old story really: no centralized government can stand  people who move, people without fixed abode or with movable abodes that can be fixed anywhere … Read more “ANTI-XENOPHOBIA” DEMONSTRATION ACROSS FRANCE

End of Cyber Hinterland Trek, Maybe

Well, it’s all back up, it would seem — not thanks to my knowledges (4 days of anxious keyboarding that got me mainly  into trouble) but to one day of cool reasoning & doing by Nicole — her powers of abstraction & of putting up with my noisy despair be praised! Some weirdness still, as in can’t find a way to import my blog roll & don’t want to … Read more End of Cyber Hinterland Trek, Maybe

Rimbaud Hoax, Poetry & Food, Ur-Baseball Ksar

For today, Sunday, just three little mises au points: 1) Looks like the Rimbaud photos I posted a couple days ago are in fact the work of a crazy Rimbaldian forger who has already committed various literary hoaxes (a sort of French Kent Johnson, maybe…?). I was alerted to it by another Frenchman who seems to track the forger mercilessly through cyberspace, if not to Aden, and who posted … Read more Rimbaud Hoax, Poetry & Food, Ur-Baseball Ksar

Colonel Williams in Jacket (# 38) & (no) (various) Tie(s)

It gives me great pleasure to bring the following to your attention: Online feature: The Life and Work of Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain Poet, Publisher, Photographer: THE LORD OF ORCHARDS – in Jacket magazine – I’d like to invite your attention to an comprehensive online feature on the life and work of Black Mountain poet, publisher, and photographer Jonathan Williams, THE LORD OF ORCHARDS, edited by myself here at … Read more Colonel Williams in Jacket (# 38) & (no) (various) Tie(s)

Tabun Khara Obo, Mongolia & the Rest of the Universe

One pix came in last night, via Face Book & Matt Hill, & which immediately & totally fascinated me — desert, Mongolia… enjoy, enlarge,engage… (oops, I’m going to have to manipulate it — too large to upload as such — but catch it at the NASA Earth Observatory site here). And then, this morning, checking the French daily Libération, I came across the following photo by journalist, photographer & … Read more Tabun Khara Obo, Mongolia & the Rest of the Universe