Tabun Khara Obo, Mongolia & the Rest of the Universe

One pix came in last night, via Face Book & Matt Hill, & which immediately & totally fascinated me — desert, Mongolia… enjoy, enlarge,engage… (oops, I’m going to have to manipulate it — too large to upload as such — but catch it at the NASA Earth Observatory site here).

And then, this morning, checking the French daily Libération, I came across the following photo by journalist, photographer & writer Serge Brunier. It took him 2 years to take it and it covers the whole sky as seen from Earth — i.e. about 100 million stars & galaxies as far away as one hundred million light years. The photo was taken with a simple Nikon D3 and a 50mm lens. Libération gushes: “this is the first time since the invention of photography, hat one person by himself snaps the whole sky with one single camera.” You can find a better pix on Brunier’s own site, here, where you can also see at large printed version set up in the hall of the casino in Monte Carlo.

The Universe

Brunier has also posted a video showing a whole night-long sky:

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