Rimbaud Hoax, Poetry & Food, Ur-Baseball Ksar

For today, Sunday, just three little mises au points:

1) Looks like the Rimbaud photos I posted a couple days ago are in fact the work of a crazy Rimbaldian forger who has already committed various literary hoaxes (a sort of French Kent Johnson, maybe…?). I was alerted to it by another Frenchman who seems to track the forger mercilessly through cyberspace, if not to Aden, and who posted a response to my Rimbaud photo. If you have some French just go and read his post. A shame, I really liked that photo…

2) Nicole has just posted a food/poetry combo on her blog, based on our visit to Kelly Writers House for Charles Bernstein’s birthday & book party. You can get a sense of how the wonderful people of KWH organized the food, see photos of the event & watch a video of Felix Bernstein and the Baroness celebrating Charles.

3) The latest issue of The New Yorker has an excellent (well, I would have a few criticisms if I had the time…) profile of  photographer George Steinmetz by Lauren Collins.The photo below, taken by Steinmetz from his motorized paraglider, shows a ksar somewhere North of the gorgeous oasis town of Timimoun in Algeria. A military fort, assuredly, but late last night after I had watched the 6 & 1/2 hour, 20 innings, Cards-Mets game (the Mets won, for a change), I couldn’t help but see the photo as a kind of prehistoric, ur-baseball stadium…

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  1. April 19, 2010

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