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  • Constantine, Algeria: “Makach al khamssa ya Bouteflika” — Photos by Habib Tengour

    Constantine, Algeria: “Makach al khamssa ya Bouteflika” — Photos by Habib Tengour

    The demonstrations in Algeria are a breath of fresh air in & for the Maghreb. Women & children in the front rows. It looks like the country has finally woken up from a long, long sleep. During what came to be called the 2011 “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, the “chape de plomb,” the […]

  • Uri Avnery: Wine, Blood and Gasoline

    Uri Avnery November 15, 2014 KAFR KANNA, a village near Nazareth, is probably the place where Jesus – according to the New Testament – turned water into wine. Now it is the Arab village where the Israeli police is turning stones into blood. On the fateful day, the police was confronting a group of young […]

  • Al-Ahram’s Special Issue

    The 25 January Revolution (Special issue) Egypt, after birth pangs The showdown over the future of the country is far from over. Assem El-Kersh discusses the prospects and implications 25, 28 Youssef Rakha on the first two Days Cyber revolution Mohamed Abdel-Baky reports on the role of Internet activists in instigating protests Testimony from Tahrir Gerard […]

  • From Cairo

    The photos above are by our friend the poet Belle Gironda who is teaching at the American University in Cairo and returned to that city a or so week ago. Yesterday she took a whole batch of photos and posted them to her facebook page. So, if you have access to facebook, go check them out there, i.e. click here. […]

  • More on SUNY Albany

    For more info on the SUNY Albany Humanities fight go to the SUNY UNDER SIEGE site.


    Margo Berdeshevsky sent these pictures she took yesterday in Paris on the occasion of major “anti-xenophobia” demonstrations held all across France. These demos are in reaction to many weeks of governmental harassment, incarcerations and expulsions of the Rom or East European gypsy people — an old story really: no centralized government can stand  people who […]