End of Cyber Hinterland Trek, Maybe

Well, it’s all back up, it would seem — not thanks to my knowledges (4 days of anxious keyboarding that got me mainly  into trouble) but to one day of cool reasoning & doing by Nicole — her powers of abstraction & of putting up with my noisy despair be praised! Some weirdness still, as in can’t find a way to import my blog roll & don’t want to do a couple hundred such things mechanically, i.e. organically, i.e. by hand…  When I’ll have rested form this trek I’ll start posting again. Meanwhile, the above photo was taken by my niece, Emmanuelle Florin, from her perch in the Yucatan, & that loungy dude’s pose (anyone read that strango article on John Lurie in the current New Yorker?) is exactly how I feel right now (though it’s night here now)…

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