Poems & Poetics from “Bi-Valve”

Yesterday Jerome Rothenberg published a selection of new works by Nicole Peyrafitte on his poems and poetics blog (& thus also on the Jacket2 version of the blog, here). The opening header & pix here below:

Nicole Peyrafitte: Poems and Poetics from “Bi-Valve”

[Nicole Peyrafitte’s move from the French Pyrenees to the United States came in 1987, and from California to New York in the 1990s. She has emerged in the new millennium as a multifaceted collagist, painter, singer & multi-media performer, and in her newest incarnation as a poet/verbal artist who moves readily between two worlds & languages. The following, then, is in recognition of my own witnessing to that career & life & to the energies behind it. (J.R.)]

Vulvic Space/Knowledge

to Carolee Scheemann
Vulvic space is a homeomorphic topology. A transformable conceptual space that enhances the exchanges with the self &/or the other(s). A non-judgmental space where essential and non essential ideas can be examined, dissected, juxtaposed, transformed, modulated etc.
From vulvic space — also called the geomatrix — emanates and flows the vulvic knowledge, the function of which always corresponds immanently with one or several geomatrixes. The connecting function operates in a constant and multi-directional motion. This being said, the distinctiveness of the function in question favors expansive rather than extensive motions.
The acquisition of vulvic knowledge is immanent. It clarifies and confuses certainties, favors the investigation of partially known states, & develops the flow between the visual & the sensual. Conceptualization followed by incarnation of space & vulvic knowledge transforms & intensifies the perception of the here & now.
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