Issue # 1 of BARZAKH Online Now!

Happy to announce BARZAKH, a new online magazine of writing & poetics. The first issue just went online & you can read it here. Issue # 1 includes work by Alice Notley & Ted Berrigan,  Barbara Jane Reyes, Michel Deguy, Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, Robert Kelly, Jerome Rothenberg, Habib Tengour, Jed Rasula, Edwin Torres, Rodrigo Toscano, and more. The magazine comes out of the English Department at the University … Read more Issue # 1 of BARZAKH Online Now!

Charles Bernstein Interview

An excellent interview by Jay Sanders with Charles Bernstein in the new issue of BOMB, the occasion being the publication of Bernstein’s new volume of selected poems, All the Whiskey in Heaven; Here’s an extract: JS: In your and your poetic peers’ early work, you feel that intensity of purpose, of provocation, amidst what was perceived as a staid poetic and political climate. Drawing on peculiar inspirations and tactics, … Read more Charles Bernstein Interview

Kaurab Magazine: Rothenberg Interview & Millennium Anthology Review

The latest installment of the English edition of the Bengali online literary magazine Kaurab has an lovely interview of Jerome Rothenberg by Mark Weiss as well as an excellent review of volume one of Poems for the Millennium by Tyrone Williams (oh, btw Tyrone, your inklings re Faber & Faber hit the nail on the head). Extracts of these can be read below. Kaurab is generally excellent — a … Read more Kaurab Magazine: Rothenberg Interview & Millennium Anthology Review

A One Hundred Years-Old Storm

One hundred years ago the first issue of Der Sturm, the great avant-garde magazine edited by Herwarth Walden in Berlin appeared (well, to be exact it was on 3 March 1910). For those who have German, there is in interesting article on the magazine in the current issue of Die Welt, here. Or, to quote l’incontournable Wikipedia: Der Sturm (German: The Storm) was a magazine of expressionism founded in … Read more A One Hundred Years-Old Storm

From Amtrack to the Feuilletons

Just returned via the Lake Shore Limited (Amtrack can be & often is excellent) from Chicago to New York.  So here, my way of checking some of the Kulchur news each week, namely the roundup as proposed by signandsight for the past week: From the Feuilletons Henryk Broder explains why being dubbed a “hate preacher” can feel like a compliment. Andrzej Stasiuk visits the bare patch of earth that … Read more From Amtrack to the Feuilletons

Colonel Williams in Jacket (# 38) & (no) (various) Tie(s)

It gives me great pleasure to bring the following to your attention: Online feature: The Life and Work of Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain Poet, Publisher, Photographer: THE LORD OF ORCHARDS – in Jacket magazine – I’d like to invite your attention to an comprehensive online feature on the life and work of Black Mountain poet, publisher, and photographer Jonathan Williams, THE LORD OF ORCHARDS, edited by myself here at … Read more Colonel Williams in Jacket (# 38) & (no) (various) Tie(s)

Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List

& the winner (aka my favorite favorite book of the year) is: Kenneth Irby THE INTENT ON Collected Poems, 1962- 2006 672 pages; hardcover; gorgeous Thorpe Feidt painting on cover; designed by Jonathan Greene; $40. North Atlantic Books Poetry Douglas Rothschild, Theogony. subpress. Dave Brinks, The Caveat Onus, meditations. Black Widow Press. kari edwards, Bharat jiva. Belladodonna/Litmus. Jerome Rothenberg, Gematria Complete. Marick Press. Stacy Szymaszek, Hyperglossia, Litmus Press. Robert Kelly, … Read more Boxing Day 09 Favorite Books List

1000 Issues of the Quinzaine Littéraire

One of France’s longest living literary magazines, la Quinzaine Littéraire — founded in March 1966 ago by Maurice Nadeau — has published its 1000th issue recently. Check out the magazine’s site,  which offers access to many articles in pdf format. Below a video interview with Maurice Nadeau detailing the founding of the Quinzaine. Maurice Nadeau – “Comment a été créé la revue en mars 1966” from La Quinzaine littéraire … Read more 1000 Issues of the Quinzaine Littéraire