“Celan/Joris 45 Years”

“Celan/Joris 45 Years” Friday, March 18 2011 7PM Poets House Ten River Terrace New York, NY 10282 212-431-7920 Poet and translator Pierre Joris discusses Paul Celan (1920–1970), the German–speaking Jewish poet whose writings transformed post–World War II poetry. Joris presents recordings of Celan, videos, readings and more. $10, $7 for students and seniors, free to Poets House Members    

On & By Blanchot

Here is my contribution — a brief remembrance of buying my first Blanchot book in Paris & a reading from The Unavowable Community —to the Maurice Blanchot Celebrations at Bard College in November 2007. Others will follow. Charlotte Mandell has been working on getting all of them up on YouTube. Thanks be given to her.

On my left…

… the great pile of unread or half read books keeps accumulating, mutating, collapsing, merging, diminishing (ever so slightly), but mainly growing by leaps and bounds. The idea was of course to review them here on NOMADICS, but books are patient while events vent their urgencies, real or imagined. And thus I rarely get around to review books (not an activity I have ever taken vast pleasure in, except … Read more On my left…

From Germany: “The Foreign Ministry and the Past”

“The Foreign Ministry and the Past. German diplomats in the Third Reich and in the Federal Republic” by an independent historian commission Former Finance Senator Thilo Sarrazin’s bestseller “Germany is abolishing itself. How we are putting our country at risk”. Both published by Random House Below the opening paragraphs of a signandsight article you can read the complete version of by clicking here. Hitler’s diplomats debunked “The Foreign Ministry … Read more From Germany: “The Foreign Ministry and the Past”

Archipelago Books: The Perfect Gift

The estimable Archipelago Books continues to make available in English some the most important works of European literature. —Michael Dirda, The Wall Street Journal homepage • about • catalog • buy books • subscriptions • donate • facebook • twitter Dear Readers, Happy (almost) holidays! As the season nears, consider giving the gift of an Archipelago Books subscription to family and friends. A yearlong subscription is only $135 for … Read more Archipelago Books: The Perfect Gift

Leslie Scalapino: Early Books & All Covers

Via Charles Bernstein’s and Ron Silliman’s blogs, here are a number of Leslie Scalapino links, from visuals of her book covers to pdf’s of her early work. And before those links, here is the first poem in the first  book Leslie published: UP THERE Up there, above my head, the ceiling of my room is cream-colored. Just as the underbelly of a fish fits neatly to the fish’s back, … Read more Leslie Scalapino: Early Books & All Covers

Some Summer Noticings

Catching up with accumulated magazines, webpages & sundry readings, here are a few gleanings: — Good analysis of the BP-disaster & its (very overlooked connections with similar oil-disaster brought about by the naked greed of the Oil Cos in other parts of the world, i.e. far away from what I call the ABS syndrome (American Bellybutton Staring), can be found here, on TomDispatch in a piece by Ellen Cantarow. … Read more Some Summer Noticings

Archipelago's 2010 South African World Cup Promotion

One of my favorite New York presses is Archipelago Books, the most serious independent press publishing translations in this country right now. With the soccer world cup going on, Archipelago is doing a promotion — & believe you me, there is no better way to get you through some of the games or through the waiting for the next round, than by reading one or the other of their … Read more Archipelago's 2010 South African World Cup Promotion

What the Mailman Recently Schlepped In…

… & I read, enjoyed & kept on the shelves: [Things accumulate, especially books, & of course the first wish, desire, idea is to write & post a review for each one I like — but that’s of course a pipe dream, time just isn’t that elastic anymore, if it ever was. Thus the accumulations of titles. Though I’ll try to keep such occasional lists manageable in terms of … Read more What the Mailman Recently Schlepped In…