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Via Charles Bernstein’s and Ron Silliman’s blogs, here are a number of Leslie Scalapino links, from visuals of her book covers to pdf’s of her early work. And before those links, here is the first poem in the first  book Leslie published:


Up there,
above my head,
the ceiling of my room is

Just as the underbelly of a fish
fits neatly
to the fish's back,
the ceiling is tapered to the walls
and from
there to the floor of my room.

So it is
that keeping an eye
on my fish's
looking upwards from my bed,
I an see the ceiling
as motionless which in reality
is gliding slowly
slowly (only inches per year)
into a deep atmosphere,
browsing and feeding, feeding and browsing,
as all fish do.

The cream-colored ceiling
of my room
is never full
though it grows fatter
and fatter.

Leslies Books Chronologically 072010

Leslie Scalapino

early books

O and other poems

(Berkeley: Sand Dollar, 1976)

(pdf of complete book)

The Woman Who Could Read the Minds of Dogs

(Berkeley: Sand-Dollar,1976

(pdf of complete book)

This eating and walking at the same time is associated all right

(Bolinas: Tombouctou, 1979)

(pdf of complete book)

Instead of an Animal, drawings by Diane Sophia

(Cloud Maruder Press, 1978)

(pdf of complete book)

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