Stolen Books, Stolen Identity:

This via the excellent Arab Literature (in English) blog: What Did Israel Do with Palestinians’ Literary Heritage? Nora Lester Murad recently went to see Benny Brunner’s film, The Great Book Robbery: By Nora Lester Murad The camera follows two Palestinians with Israeli citizenship from the counter at Israel’s National Library to a table. They carry a small stack books from a collection labeled “AP” for “Absentee Property.”  They sit in front … Read more Stolen Books, Stolen Identity:

Leonard Schwartz Reading @ Poets House

On Saturday, presentation of the yearly Big Showcase Opening Reading at Poets House. An amazing amount of new poetry books & their presses are represented in the exhibit. At the multiform reading I recorded (from half way down the house, on iphone, so quality is less than great) Leornard Schwartz’s offerings from his recent book At Element (Talisman House 2011). Here’s an audio extract: [audio:]  

Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch

I don’t like Big Beach Novels for the summer, as novels invariably wind up boring me, but I do enjoy having a Big Booke of something-or-other to schlepp around from airport lounge to train station to rental car office — & to whatever home or motel or inn I’ll rest my bones reading, reading, reading. Happy to report that I most likely have found that book for this summer: Kenneth Warren’s … Read more Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch

Peter Riley on Oystercatchers

Lovely review by Peter Riley of an excellent English poetry press in the Fortnightly Review. Opening paras below, read the whole thing here: Peter Hughes and Oystercatcher Press. By Peter Riley. Peter Hughes. THE LATEST ISSUES from Oystercatcher Press1 have arrived. They are Cloud Breaking Sun by John James and When blue light falls 32 by Carol Watts.  Oystercatcher is a small press run by the poet Peter Hughes, and his particular way of finding … Read more Peter Riley on Oystercatchers

The Price of Poetry

Waking up early at the Luxembourg Embassy in D.C. (more on that maybe in the next post) I walk out onto Mass Ave to find a breakfast spot, hang a right after Gandhi’s statue & come to an excellent Belgian Bon Pain joint — organic everything, so soft boiled egg, various breads, etc. Across the street I espy a bookshop & stroll over once “restauré.”  One window displays all war books from the … Read more The Price of Poetry

The Prague MicroFestival…

…that starts tomorrow will celebrate Cartographies of the In-Between, the book of essays on my work that Peter Cockelbergh edited. Alas, I cannot be in Prague, though I will do a reading — presented live by Peter Cockelbergh who is right now in the train from Brussels to Prague — tomorrow at 6p.m. local time via a Skype videocast that will be screened at Klub K4 in the good city of Prague.


LITMUS PRESS WINTER FUNDRAISING DRIVE Thanks for your support! It’s what keeps us going. As we round out our tenth year of publishing, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of Litmus Press. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission of publishing innovative, cross-genre writing, poetry, and works in translation.   In 2011, contributions from our community helped support the publication … Read more LITMUS PRESS WINTER FUNDRAISING DRIVE

Fisk on Amin Maalouf

Interesting article by Robert Fisk in The Independent this morning, on the election of Lebanese-French author Amin Maalouf to the Acedémie Française. I do remember the latter’s first book — a novelized life of the great Maghrebi historian El Hasan ben Muhammed el-Wazzan-ez-Zayyati, better known by his pope-imposed name Leo Africanus — as a very enjoyable summer “fiction” read. I agree with Fisk that Maalouf’s best book is his non-fiction account … Read more Fisk on Amin Maalouf

Cartographies of the In-Between

This announcement in from Literatura Pragensia some time ago: PIERRE JORIS CARTOGRAPHIES OF THE IN-BETWEEN   ed. Peter Cockelbergh ISBN TBA (paperback) 300pp Publication date: December 2011 Price: € 12.00 (not including postage) Pierre Joris’s work is known to many and in many guises, but nevertheless seems to slip through the mazes of American, British, French, North African, Luxemburgish and German secondary literature. Long overdue, this volume brings together … Read more Cartographies of the In-Between