Madeleine Campbell’s “Jetties”

via Arab Literature (in English): ‘Jetties’: Translating Mohammed Dib Through ‘Sound, Gesture, Movement and Sculpture’ by mlynxqualey Madeleine Campbell is the force behind the public engagement project Jetties, designed to stage the poetry of Algerian author Mohammed Dib (1920-2003) in contemporary frames and contexts. Campbell answered a few questions about Dib, translation, which of his books should compete in the World Cup of Lit, and her project: ArabLit: How did Jetties start? … Read more Madeleine Campbell’s “Jetties”

Interview on Maghreb Anthology in “Africa Is A Country”

The Book of North African Literature: Pierre Joris on Poetry and Miscegenation. By Orlando Reade. December 5 2013. A 743-page anthology of North African literature was published by the University of California last year. Ranging from documents made in sixth century Carthage to experimental prose published months after the 2011 uprisings, the Book of North African Literature is the fourth installment in the Poems for the Millenium, a series initiated in 1995 by Pierre … Read more Interview on Maghreb Anthology in “Africa Is A Country”

Tears of the Crocodile

Below, the opening paras of Regina Keil-Sagawe’s excellent interview with Algerian novelist Yasmina Khadra in Qantara magazine; you can read the full interview here. “There Is a Life after Defeat” Now based in France, the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra is one of his country’s most successful authors. The film The Attack, based on Yasmina Khadra’s book of the same name, was honoured as Best International Literary Adaptation at this … Read more Tears of the Crocodile

A “Nobelisable” Djebar?

M. Lynx Qualey has an interesting post on her Arabic Literature (in English) blog, which I am reposting below. It is quite true that Assia Djebar would have been a much more interesting choice (among many possibles — I still think Adonis should have gotten the Nobel years ago). Her work as a novelist, essayist, poet & filmmaker is breathtaking in its scope, formal inventiveness, historical sweep, psychological savvyness, … Read more A “Nobelisable” Djebar?

Tengour’s “Exile is my Trade” Reviewed

Laurie Price’s review on Amazon: Exile is My Trade: A Habib Tengour Reader, edited & translated by Pierre Joris (Black Widow Press Modern Poetry 2012) (Paperback) To this reader, Exile Is My Trade turned out to be a truly surprising and affecting volume of poetry and essays to come out of North Africa. The writing is modern and free from cultural bias. It cuts through the cultural contexts that it occupies … Read more Tengour’s “Exile is my Trade” Reviewed

From Mourad Bourboune’s “The Muezzin”

One of the problems last summer, working on completing the Maghreb anthology (forthcoming in November, details here), was to find work by Mourad Bourboune, an Algerian writer I had heard of but never read as the work had been out of print for years.  The book Habib & I were looking for was called Le Muezzin, a near-mythological novel that is also & at the same time the author’s … Read more From Mourad Bourboune’s “The Muezzin”

Algeria Celebrates

Fireworks above Sidi Fredj,in Algiers, 4 July 2012. (Photo Louafi Larbi. Reuters) A different 4 July fireworks: this one happened on the evening of 4 July in Algiers to start the celebration of today’s (5 July) 50th anniversary of Independence. Algeria will celebrate for a whole year, the government has so ordered.  No comments: it would take a full book-length essay to so much as approach the complexity, the joys, … Read more Algeria Celebrates

Hamid Skif

From the forthcoming Poems for the Millennium 4: Three Poems by Hamid Skif COUNTER-POEM PIM PAM POUM Today’s the wedding PIM PAM POUM Cadillacs, Mercedes, Villas. Couscous with hot blood. PIM PAM POUM My hands clenched to paralysis My lips in my mouth My sex in front of me I await my sister My future wife. PIM PAM POUM A voice in the dark The sister supplicating. PIM PAM POUM … Read more Hamid Skif

Just Published: “Exile is My Trade — A Habib Tengour Reader”

Exile Is My Trade: A Habib Tengour Reader Edited, translated & with a preface by Pierre Joris A comprehensive and wide ranging sampler of Habib Tengour’s poetry, fiction & essays. Published by Black Widow Press Habib Tengour, writer and sociologist, born in Mostaganem (Algeria) in 1947, lives and works between Constantine and Paris, where he teaches at the Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne. His work draws upon many sources in Algerian … Read more Just Published: “Exile is My Trade — A Habib Tengour Reader”