Rare 1956 TV Interview with Kateb Yacine on “Nedjma”

For those who have French, a rare & special treat — what is probably the first tv interview Kateb Yacine ever gave to French television when Nedjma — the defining Maghrebi novel of the fifties — came out.

Boualem Sansal receives German Peace Prize

This via The Washington Post. Unhappily the talk itself is not yet available either in French or even in German (not to mention English). You can however — if you have German — follow the whole ceremony, the various speeches & Sansal’s address (in French, though with overlaid German simul-translation) here. For those who have German, check out Sansal’s German translator Regina Keil-Sagawe’s excellent homage-essay  in the Neue Zuricher … Read more Boualem Sansal receives German Peace Prize

Poems by Abdelmadjid Kaouah

Working on Maghrebi anthology here in Paris  — Habib Tengour will be here shortly, so I’ll post in some haste — and translating poets for inclusion. Here are a few poems by Abdelmadjid Kaouah, born in Aïn-Taya, near Algiers, in 1954. After the 1994 assassination of his friends  Tahar Djaout et Youcef Sebti he exiled himself to the Toulouse areas where he works as a writer and journalist. he is the … Read more Poems by Abdelmadjid Kaouah

Boualem Sansal: Cry for life

Via signandsight, which I hadn’t visited in some time, this interview with the Algerian writer Boualem Sansal. (Sansal has alreday appeared on this blog, here, for example). Opening paras below, full interview here. Frustrated youth: in Algeria author Boualem Sansal sees no chance of a national uprising like in Tunesia Algeria’s best-known contemporary author still living in the country, Boualem Sansal has been awarded the 2011 Peace Prize of the … Read more Boualem Sansal: Cry for life

from the “Diwan Ifrikiya” anthology: Assia Djebar

Assia Djebar — born in Cherchell in 1936 — is of course best known as the major Algerian novelist of her generation (Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade; A Sister to Scheherazade and Women of Algiers in their Apartments, among others). She was also the first Maghrebi woman to become a member of the Académie Française. But as a young writer she also wrote poetry. Here is one of those works, written in Rabat … Read more from the “Diwan Ifrikiya” anthology: Assia Djebar

Call for Papers: Habib Tengour Issue

Expressions maghrébines Revue de la Coordination internationale des chercheurs sur les littératures du Maghreb www.limag.com/em.htm Appel à articles Les écritures nomades de Habib Tengour vol. 11, no 1, été 2012   Dossier coordonné par Pierre Joris et Sonia Zlitni Fitouri Date limite de soumission des articles : 30 juin 2011   « L’image est souveraine dans le cri de l’aube. » L’Arc et la cicatrice Habib Tengour, écrivain, poète et sociologue algérien, … Read more Call for Papers: Habib Tengour Issue

Nomadic Nomadics

Arrived in Mostaganem, Algeria tonight for a 2 day conference on translation organized by the Amazigh  (i.e. Berber) High Authority at the University here. Thus, with apologies, no postings for the last 3 days as I was traveling from NYC to Luxembourg via Amsterdam for 24 hours in the bosom of the family, then on to Paris for a night at friends & the plane to Oran this afternoon … Read more Nomadic Nomadics