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  • Constantine, Algeria: “Makach al khamssa ya Bouteflika” — Photos by Habib Tengour

    Constantine, Algeria: “Makach al khamssa ya Bouteflika” — Photos by Habib Tengour

    The demonstrations in Algeria are a breath of fresh air in & for the Maghreb. Women & children in the front rows. It looks like the country has finally woken up from a long, long sleep. During what came to be called the 2011 “Arab Spring” in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, the “chape de plomb,” the […]

  • Arabic Poetry Conference @ Boise State University

    ARAB POETRY CONFERENCE مرءتمر الثعر العربي Thursday 4/21/16 3-5pm. Panel: On Arab Literature Today. Bishop Barnwell Room 3-4: MAGHREB: Pierre Joris & Habib Tengour present Poems for the Millennium Maghreb Anthology 4-5: MASHREQ: Osama Alomar and Faiza Sultan present the situation of poetry in the Mashreq. 6-8pm.  Poetry Reading by Faiza Sultan & Osama Alomar, followed by […]

  • Special Issue of Refugee Poetry, MPT Launches ‘The Great Flight’

    via Arab Literature (in English) &BY MLYNXQUALEY on APRIL 6, 2016 • ( 0 ) On Wednesday, April 13 at London’s Southbank Centre will host the launch of “The Great Flight,” Modern Poetry in Translation’s refugee-focussed issue, ed. Sasha Dugdale: Image from the Southbank Centre. The free event, which is set to begin at 8pm, will feature performances […]


    ¡ T O D A Y ! BOISE STATE MFA READING SERIES Friday October 3rd, 2014: Pierre Joris, The Cabin Literary Center, 801 S. Capitol Blvd, 7:30 p.m. * * * EVERGREEN COLLEGE READING Olympia, WA Monday 6 October Talk on Paul Celan (9:30 to 11 a.m.)  & Poetry Reading (1 to 2:30 p.m.) both are in: […]

  • Tengour’s “Exile is my Trade” Reviewed

    Laurie Price’s review on Amazon: Exile is My Trade: A Habib Tengour Reader, edited & translated by Pierre Joris (Black Widow Press Modern Poetry 2012) (Paperback) To this reader, Exile Is My Trade turned out to be a truly surprising and affecting volume of poetry and essays to come out of North Africa. The writing is modern […]

  • A Wonderful Way of Having My Holidays Spoiled!

    So here I was, barely set up in my Pyrenean retreat, the lousy Euro-weather just beginning to switch to summer warmth, when, whamm! here come the 750+ page proofs for  Poems for the Millennium, Volume 4: The University of California Book of North African Literature. They’ll keep me busy until I return to NYC (I’ll holiday […]

  • Just Published: “Exile is My Trade — A Habib Tengour Reader”

    Exile Is My Trade: A Habib Tengour Reader Edited, translated & with a preface by Pierre Joris A comprehensive and wide ranging sampler of Habib Tengour’s poetry, fiction & essays. Published by Black Widow Press Habib Tengour, writer and sociologist, born in Mostaganem (Algeria) in 1947, lives and works between Constantine and Paris, where he teaches […]

  • Tengour: Ordeal by Bow

    In its latest issue EOAGH published from: Ordeal by Bow, by Habib Tengour (translated by Pierre Joris …  (…) We’d wall ourselves into these beer halls — the Ya -Sin Brewery, the Peepers, Chez Abu Nuwas, the Four Arts — close by the … below, an extract; for the full text go here:   (…) We’d wall ourselves […]

  • Call for Papers: Habib Tengour Issue

    Expressions maghrébines Revue de la Coordination internationale des chercheurs sur les littératures du Maghreb www.limag.com/em.htm Appel à articles Les écritures nomades de Habib Tengour vol. 11, no 1, été 2012   Dossier coordonné par Pierre Joris et Sonia Zlitni Fitouri Date limite de soumission des articles : 30 juin 2011   « L’image est souveraine dans le […]

  • Tengour & Joris in BR

    in the current issue of: Three Poems by Pierre Joris from Meditations on the Stations of Mansur al-Hallaj: 35- Interpretation 39- Taking a Guide & “Ode to Badia Masabni” From: Caesura by Habib Tengour translated by Pierre Joris