Arabic Poetry Conference @ Boise State University



مرءتمر الثعر العربي

Thursday 4/21/16

3-5pm. Panel: On Arab Literature Today. Bishop Barnwell Room

3-4: MAGHREB: Pierre Joris & Habib Tengour present Poems for the Millennium Maghreb Anthology

4-5: MASHREQ: Osama Alomar and Faiza Sultan present the situation of poetry in the Mashreq.

6-8pm.  Poetry Reading by Faiza Sultan & Osama Alomar, followed by Q & A. Jordan AB Ballroom

Friday 4/22/16

3-5pm. Panel: On Translating Arab Literature Barwell Room

Faiza Sultan, Osama Alomar & Habib Tengour.  Moderator: Pierre Joris

6-9pm .Poetry Reading by_Pierre Joris & Habib Tengour  followed by Q & A.

Simplot AC Ballroom

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