Oskar Pastior Fortsetzung

Here are this week’s signandsight noticings on the ongoing Oskar Pastior affair: Oskar Pastior’s Securitate past After it emerged that the Romanian-German poet Oskar Pastior (more here) had been working for the Romanian Securitate under the name “Informant Stein Otto“, all his friends hoped that these revelations would not be followed by a slew of incriminating evidence regarding his spying activities. A former friend of Pastior’s, the Romanian-German author … Read more Oskar Pastior Fortsetzung

Herzog on Eisner, Avatar, the Spanish Inquisition y mas…

signandsight just published the translation of an interesting interview (first in Die Zeit) with German movie-maker Werner Herzog; below, the opening paras — you can read the whole thing here. In fact, my favorite bit comes later in the interview, so I’ll reproduce it here, out of context, for the hell of it: “Herzog: I have absolutely no interest in psychology. Interviewer: Why not? Because I am convinced that … Read more Herzog on Eisner, Avatar, the Spanish Inquisition y mas…

Jolly Eschatology

Via signandsight, an interview with the authors of a book out only in German so far, but that may be quite worthwhile translating, even if much of its political/cultural aim is German-directed. Any takers? Claus Leggewie and Harald Welzer have written a book about the end of the world as we knew it. They tell Jan Feddersen why. Taz: Herr Leggewie, Herr Welzer, the economy is showing signs of … Read more Jolly Eschatology

That Old New British Poetry Scene

Came across an interesting piece by Kent Johnson on the new British Poetry scene on the digital emunction site — with the discussion that follows as interesting as what started it. At the same time it gave me a certain sense of déjà-vu, as if the US (& other places too) always-already-again had to (re)discover only to immediately forget the fact that excellent, experimental, avant, post-avant — or whatever … Read more That Old New British Poetry Scene

2009 German Book Prize Shortlist

Via signandsight — who marvelously add links to English-language excerpts for each of the books! —here’s the equivalent of France’s Goncourt (though how equivalent it really is could only be settled by comparing the sales figures of the winners…) The German Book Prize is presented to the best German-language novel just before the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair as an annual award from the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels … Read more 2009 German Book Prize Shortlist


Here the latest links for signandsight: From the Feuilletons Islam has never been more scorned than it is in Iran today, claimsGerman-Iranian writer Said. Michael Cimino enthuses over contemporarySerbian, Brazilian, Korean and Middle Eastern cinema that putsHollywood to shame. Necla Kelek takes Germany’s ethnic Turkishpoliticians to task for stylising their clientele as victims. And theBerlinale opens with Tom Tykwer’s “The International” – a thrillerabout the opacity of corporate glass. … Read more signandsight

signandsight's from the feuilletons

27/06/2008From the Feuilletons From the Feuilletons is a weekly overview of what’s been happening in the German- language cultural pages and appears every Friday at 3 pm. CET. Here a key to the German newspapers. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 27.06.2008 In his acceptance speech for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation literary award, author Ralf Rothmanns talks about freedom, and excoriates the “borderline fanaticism of certain politicians for screening and control”: “This … Read more signandsight's from the feuilletons

This Week's signandsight

This Week’s signandsight: Why Ukraine has no place in the EU Advocates of Ukrainian democracy are motivated by old desires forindependence from Moscow and, now that political autonomy has beenachieved, by the need to get under the protective umbrella of Nato andthe EU. From an objective point view, though, there are plenty ofarguments against Ukraine turning its back on Russia. By RichardWagner From the Feuilletons Architect Jacques Herzog explains … Read more This Week's signandsight

This week's signandsight

From the Feuilletons Ex-Stasi agents are at the heart of a spy-scandal currently rockingGermany. Najem Wali is amazed by the silence of his fellow Iraqiwriters. Daniel Libeskind explains why he doesn’t build for dictators.Three German museum directors are sharing the knowledge of the worldwith a sheik in Dubai, in return for wads of cash. And Peter Handkehas issued some impenetrable words about Yugoslavia. Inflated phrases When matter leads to … Read more This week's signandsight

this week's signandsight

From the Feuilletons After the honour killing in Hamburg, women’s rights activist SerapCileli tells Germans to draw the line. Columbian journalist HectorAbad Faciolince discovers what his countrymen are worth – in US visadollars. Neofascist historical revisionism is up and saluting inItaly. Bahman Nirumand examines Abdolkarim Soroush’s thesis that notGod but Mohammed wrote the Koran. And having overdosed on the naivetyof new German feminism, the SZ wishes it was a … Read more this week's signandsight