This Week's signandsight

This Week’s signandsight:

Why Ukraine has no place in the EU

Advocates of Ukrainian democracy are motivated by old desires for
independence from Moscow and, now that political autonomy has been
achieved, by the need to get under the protective umbrella of Nato and
the EU. From an objective point view, though, there are plenty of
arguments against Ukraine turning its back on Russia. By Richard

From the Feuilletons

Architect Jacques Herzog explains why you can’t force democracy on
China. Chinese writer Ma Jian believes Tiananmen Square should be
remembered nevertheless. The NZZ opens its new series on radical
Islamism with an ex-Islamist who asks: where are the martyrs of
pluralism? And Turkey’s participation at this year’s Frankfurt Book
Fair is a minor victory for civil society.

Magazine Roundup

The Economist watches the evolution of the book market. Theatre
director Pawel Demirski tells Tygodnik Powszechny that Lech Walesa is
a dead symbol for Polish youth. The TLS tells us why we’re all geeks
now. Espresso looks into the female face of India’s future labour
market. The New York Review of Books has the latest on the love affair
between dopamine and the human brain. In Nouvel Obs anti-globalisation
network Attac explains the effects of globalisation. In ResetDoc
Zygmunt Bauman tells us what to do about it. And the New York Times
takes us down to PigCity.

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