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From the Feuilletons

Islam has never been more scorned than it is in Iran today, claims
German-Iranian writer Said. Michael Cimino enthuses over contemporary
Serbian, Brazilian, Korean and Middle Eastern cinema that puts
Hollywood to shame. Necla Kelek takes Germany’s ethnic Turkish
politicians to task for stylising their clientele as victims. And the
Berlinale opens with Tom Tykwer’s “The International” – a thriller
about the opacity of corporate glass.

Magazine Roundup

In Le Point BHL remembers the non-Staffenberg members of the German
resistance – civilians like Georg Elser,Sophie Scholl and Willy
Brandt. In Nouvel Obs, Roland Barthes weeps for his mother.
Outlook India describes the Talibanisation of the IT state Karnataka.
Elet es Irodalom explains why the Dutch don’t get Peter Esterhazy.
The New Statesman wonders at the improbable marriage of physicist Paul
Dirac. In Al Ahram the writer Herman P. Spruijt calls for the Arab
world to improve IP rights for its writers. Prospect sees red Tories
a’ coming.

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