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Michael Bisio hard at work at 5C last night where he played an excellent gig with saxophonist Louie Belogenis. Will upload some sightandsound as soon as I have time. meanwhile, below, the latest sendings from signandsight: Our two new features: Macedonia – what’s in a name? Dragan Klaic arrived in Skopje on the day that Greece vetoed Macedonia’s bid to join NATO at the summit in Bucharest. He found … Read more This week's signandsight

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Our two new features: Mohammed on the “straight path” Did the Prophet Mohammed only become a power-conscious religiouspolitician in Medina, where he emigrated from Mecca in 622? Author ofa new Mohammed biography, Tilman Nagel has found much to indicate theabsence of any genuine break in the evolution of this religiousfounder. Bread-winning badante Diana Ivanova travels to Tuscany to report on an Italian professionattracting Bulgarian women in their thousands, and … Read more The latest from signandsight

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From the Feuilletons Die Welt reveals why a Cinema for Peace gala was really a Cinema forPeace with Putin gala. The taz responds to Recep Erdogan’scontroversial speech in Cologne. Andzrej Wajda speaks about his film“Katyn”. The FAZ looks back at anti-Semitic cleansings in Poland in1968. And the German encyclopedic institution Brockhaus has given upthe printed ghost. Berlinale box With the Berlin film festival well underway we pick out some … Read more Recent signandsight Pieces

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Double life is the drug Kurt von Hammerstein was head of the Reichswehr, a grand seigneur, andan implacable opponent of National Socialism. In his new book“Hammerstein oder Der Eigensinn” (Hammerstein or idiosycrasy), HansMagnus Enzensberger engages in dialogues with the dead to deliver aliterary and lunatic precipitate of German history. By Ina Hartwig From the Feuilletons The German debate on youth violence has been catapulted into theextremes. Daniel Barenboim comes … Read more Latest signandsight Offerings

Latest signandsight Offerings

Back to Rudi Dutschke’s pram So what was 1968? It was when the children of German mass murderersran after mass murderer Mao Tsedong, says historian and ex-Maoist GötzAly. Absolutely not, says educationalist and author KatharinaRutschky: The practice of dispelling fascism in the kindergarten wasfar more important than ideology. Stefan Reinecke and Jan Feddersenpreside over a full-blown row. Julia Fischer: Virtuosissima!!! At the New Year’s concert in the Alte Oper … Read more Latest signandsight Offerings

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If you want some cultural/political news from Europe, keep checking signandsight’s articles. Below, this week’s crop: This week we put two new features online: Don Camillo and the Imam Italy has been slow to address the danger of radical Islam. For toolong it was the domain of right-wing rabble-rousers while the leftslumbered away in “Islam correctness”. At last the left-wing liberalReset magazine has launched a proper debate. By Franz … Read more Euro News

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Banished to the banlieues The Parisian social sciences institutes are being turfed out of theirancestral homes in the city’s most desirable arrondissements andrelocated to Aubervilliers. A bitter pill, but also a chance to turntheory into practice. By Wolf Lepenies. Bucharest in a trance Romanian literature is still a tiny niche in the German book market.Mircea Cartarescu’s latest novel to be published here, “Die Wissenden,” shows readers what they are … Read more New signandsight Features

The latest from signandsight

Manfred Zapatka in “Hamburg Lessons” © Pantera Film This is somewhat sad news – I had hoped signandsight would expand their coverage rather than contracting it. Still, this is a most useful source of news, political and cultural from Europe. Dear readers… We’ve been online since March 15, 2005, delivering a daily press review of the German language feuilletons. Starting in October, we will only be able to provide … Read more The latest from signandsight

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Nina Hoss in “Yella” (photo courtesy Schramm Film Koerner & Weber) This past week signandsight put three new features online: Under the sign of half truth The dawn of a new era in Central Eastern Europe means confronting the legacy of communism and fascism. While there is no lack of advice and admonition from Western Europe, or coarse dressing-downs from Moscow, these nations must be given the time they … Read more Recent signandsight features