Homage to Mohammed Bennis

This weekend I will travel to Asilah, Morocco, to take part on coming Tuesday in a day of homage for the great arabophone poet Mohammed Bennis, in the context of the 38th International Cultural Moussem at Al Moutamid Ibn Abbad Summer University, in the company of Adonis, Bernard Noël, Joachim Sartorius & a number of other poets & critics. Here, the detailed schedule: Programme Hommage au poète Mohammed Bennis 38ème Moussem culturel international d’Asilah … Read more Homage to Mohammed Bennis

‘Lands in Solidarity’ and ‘Resonances’: Producing African Literatures in Algeria

Via Arab LIterature (in English) &  MLYNXQUALEY on MAY 26, 2016 • ( 0 ) Nadia Ghanem talks with Apic editions and Barzakh editions, two Algerian publishing houses trying to promote literary exhange in Africa: By Nadia Ghanem From Barzakh’s stand at the 2014 book fair in Algiers. From the publisher’s website. Last year, during the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature, celebrated author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie made such … Read more ‘Lands in Solidarity’ and ‘Resonances’: Producing African Literatures in Algeria

Arabic Poetry Conference @ Boise State University

ARAB POETRY CONFERENCE مرءتمر الثعر العربي Thursday 4/21/16 3-5pm. Panel: On Arab Literature Today. Bishop Barnwell Room 3-4: MAGHREB: Pierre Joris & Habib Tengour present Poems for the Millennium Maghreb Anthology 4-5: MASHREQ: Osama Alomar and Faiza Sultan present the situation of poetry in the Mashreq. 6-8pm.  Poetry Reading by Faiza Sultan & Osama Alomar, followed by Q & A. Jordan AB Ballroom Friday 4/22/16 3-5pm. Panel: On Translating Arab Literature … Read more Arabic Poetry Conference @ Boise State University

Assia Djebar (1936-2015)

Very sad to learn of Assia Djebar‘s passing: she was an amazing woman & a superb writer! Her novel Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade can stand with Kateb Yacine’s Nedjma as foundational text for Algerian post-colonial literature. In Poems for the Millennium vol.4 I published some of her work, including a poem I reprinted here on Nomadics a while back (“Poems for a Happy Algeria”). Below, a first obit by mlynxqualey via Arabic Literature(in English): … Read more Assia Djebar (1936-2015)

Madeleine Campbell’s “Jetties”

via Arab Literature (in English): ‘Jetties’: Translating Mohammed Dib Through ‘Sound, Gesture, Movement and Sculpture’ by mlynxqualey Madeleine Campbell is the force behind the public engagement project Jetties, designed to stage the poetry of Algerian author Mohammed Dib (1920-2003) in contemporary frames and contexts. Campbell answered a few questions about Dib, translation, which of his books should compete in the World Cup of Lit, and her project: ArabLit: How did Jetties start? … Read more Madeleine Campbell’s “Jetties”

Rachida Madani’s New York Reading

Here’s a short video by Antonia Massa of Rachida Madani’s 16 April reading at Silvana in Harlem. (I hope to have a longer version of the reading up next week). Below the compte-rendu of the reading by Anonia Massa that just appeared in Voices of New York. The legend of One Thousand and One Nights has captured the imaginations of poets and authors for centuries, inspiring countless revisions, retellings … Read more Rachida Madani’s New York Reading

Interview on Maghreb Anthology in “Africa Is A Country”

The Book of North African Literature: Pierre Joris on Poetry and Miscegenation. By Orlando Reade. December 5 2013. A 743-page anthology of North African literature was published by the University of California last year. Ranging from documents made in sixth century Carthage to experimental prose published months after the 2011 uprisings, the Book of North African Literature is the fourth installment in the Poems for the Millenium, a series initiated in 1995 by Pierre … Read more Interview on Maghreb Anthology in “Africa Is A Country”

Tears of the Crocodile

Below, the opening paras of Regina Keil-Sagawe’s excellent interview with Algerian novelist Yasmina Khadra in Qantara magazine; you can read the full interview here. “There Is a Life after Defeat” Now based in France, the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra is one of his country’s most successful authors. The film The Attack, based on Yasmina Khadra’s book of the same name, was honoured as Best International Literary Adaptation at this … Read more Tears of the Crocodile