American Hybrid on Reality Street

A week or so ago I posted a link to Peter Riley’s review of the American Hybrid anthology [here] in the Fortnightly Review; poet & publisher Ken Edwards has just published a piece on this review & anthology on his Reality Street site, which begins as follows: Is it all over? Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, October 5, 2012 Under: writing Peter Riley, in his always interesting regular slot for The Fortnightly Review, … Read more American Hybrid on Reality Street

Peter Riley Reviews American Hybrid

Fascinating review of Cole Swensen and David St. John’s  American Hybrid anthology by Peter Riley in the British Fortnightly Review; first paras below:  IT CAN BE very difficult dealing as a reviewer with a body of poetry with which you feel you have been involved. This anthology collects poets mostly active from the 1990s to the present, with a few senior figures added, in what most people would recognise as a … Read more Peter Riley Reviews American Hybrid

Rain Taxi Review of “Cartographies”

A review of Pierre Joris-Cartographies of the In-between by Megan Burns was just published by Rain Taxi.Opening para below: PIERRE JORIS Cartographies of the In-Between edited by Peter Cockelbergh Litteraria Pragensia (€12) by Megan Burns “There is no difference between inside and outside at the poem’s warp speed.” —Pierre Joris, Notes Toward a Nomadic Poetics Cartographies of the In-Between collates a number of essays by various writers about Pierre Joris and … Read more Rain Taxi Review of “Cartographies”

Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch

I don’t like Big Beach Novels for the summer, as novels invariably wind up boring me, but I do enjoy having a Big Booke of something-or-other to schlepp around from airport lounge to train station to rental car office — & to whatever home or motel or inn I’ll rest my bones reading, reading, reading. Happy to report that I most likely have found that book for this summer: Kenneth Warren’s … Read more Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch

Homage to Paul Celan

Edited by Ilya Kaminsky and G.C.Waldrep “If there is a country named Celania—as Julia Kristeva once proposed—its holy texts are filled with doubt, and they overcome this doubt almost successfully, with words of wrenching, uncompromised beauty…The book in your hands is not intended to become one of those heavy scholarly tomes that serve as a “proof” of one’s position in the literary/academic hierarchy. Rather, this is a collection of various … Read more Homage to Paul Celan

Review of Cartographies in “The Prague Post”

A collection of essays and interviews on a “nomad poet” Posted: April 4, 2012 (original here) By Stephan Delbos – Staff Writer | Comments (0) | Post comment Walter Novak For many readers and writers, poetry seems an increasingly anachronistic practice in our digital age, one that has failed to keep up with revolutionary developments in the ways we read and process information. But one writer’s concept of “nomad poetics,” which crosses … Read more Review of Cartographies in “The Prague Post”

Joachim Sartorius on Peter Nadas

via signandsight: 27/02/2012 No one is indestructible Just as we are unable to coherently piece together parts of our own lives, it is impossible to neatly assemble the pieces of this formidable novel – three books, thirty-nine chapters, 1724 pages with sudden breaks and links – which initially seems to be an irresponsible scattering of people and motifs. Because the many stories really do run parallel to each other, … Read more Joachim Sartorius on Peter Nadas

Cartographies of the In-Between

Happy, indeed, to announce this book of essays & homages on my work, & to give thanks to all of those who contributed — & especially to Peter Cockelbergh who gathered, edited & translated the work with great finesse in record time & with superb devotion:   PIERRE JORIS – CARTOGRAPHIES OF THE IN-BETWEEN ed. Peter Cockelbergh ISBN 978-80-7308-370-0 (paperback). 420pp. To order the book click here: Litteraria Pragensia or … Read more Cartographies of the In-Between

Rain Taxi Fundraising Auction

Do help Rain Taxi, the finest review magazine we have for the poetries & proses that otherwise do not get reviewed! Here is their annual call for their fundraiser: Our annual benefit auction allows readers to support our nonprofit literary organization and get cool stuff at the same time! You’ll find signed first editions, gorgeous broadsides, rare chapbooks, esteemed graphic novels, quirky collectibles, original art, this year’s Rain Taxi … Read more Rain Taxi Fundraising Auction