Clément Oudard: from H.D. to Robert Duncan

After many years, the French are finally adressing Duncan’s work! There had been one smallish “Selected” published by Christian Bourgois in the 80s — a very silly & misleading selection that couldn’t & didn’t work. In fact, when a couple years later Bourgois decided to quit publishing any poetry —American or other  — he would always use the Duncan book as exemplar & say: “The Duncan sold all of … Read more Clément Oudard: from H.D. to Robert Duncan

Jackson Mac Low Writing Through Ezra

Writing through Ezra (PoemTalk #46) Jackson Mac Low, “Words nd Ends from Ez” POEMTALK Jackson Mac Low, Ezra Pound LISTEN TO THE SHOW Writes Al Filreis, PoemTalk’s producer & host: PoemTalk travelled to Bard College, where we gathered with Charles Bernstein, Pierre Joris, and Bard’s own Joan Retallack to talk about Jackson Mac Low‘s Words nd Ends from Ez (1989). The project was composed in ten parts, one part each for sections (sometimes called “decades”) of Ezra … Read more Jackson Mac Low Writing Through Ezra

Charles Bernstein Interview in Brooklyn Rail…

… check it out, excellent! Charles Bernstein by Phong Bui CHARLES BERNSTEIN with Adam Fitzgerald by Charles Bernstein Charles Bernstein is the author of Attack of the Difficult Poems: Essays and Inventions (University of Chicago Press, 2011); All the Whiskey in Heaven: Selected Poems (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010); Blind Witness: Three American Operas (Factory School, 2008); and Girly Man (Chicago Press, 2006). He teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is … Read more Charles Bernstein Interview in Brooklyn Rail…

Cartographies of the In-Between

This announcement in from Literatura Pragensia some time ago: PIERRE JORIS CARTOGRAPHIES OF THE IN-BETWEEN   ed. Peter Cockelbergh ISBN TBA (paperback) 300pp Publication date: December 2011 Price: € 12.00 (not including postage) Pierre Joris’s work is known to many and in many guises, but nevertheless seems to slip through the mazes of American, British, French, North African, Luxemburgish and German secondary literature. Long overdue, this volume brings together … Read more Cartographies of the In-Between

Review of Ken Irby’s Collected

Interesting review of Ken Irby’s Collected The Intent On on a blog I hadn’t known of til now. Opening gambit below; read the full piece here:   by Kenneth Irby North Atlantic Books 2009 Reviewed by Mike McDonough “the back / calm pasture of the mind” In 2009, North Atlantic Books published a handsome book finally gathering the work of Kenneth Irby, one of Charles Olson’s lesser known disciples, who has … Read more Review of Ken Irby’s Collected

Michael Boughn on Aram Saroyan’s Dismissal of Creeley & Dorn

Below the opening paragraphs of Michael Boughn’s Galatea Resurrects post. You can read the full piece here. MICHAEL BOUGHN Engages  “The Hero and the Gunslinger: Did Robert Creeley and Ed Dorn lose their way in middle age?” by Aram Saroyan (The Poetry Foundation, April 28, 2009) Major and minor bullshit in the new (old) literary discourse Given all the pressures toward success in the market of today’s neo-liberal cultural grotesqueries, it probably … Read more Michael Boughn on Aram Saroyan’s Dismissal of Creeley & Dorn

Steve Dalachinsky on Matthew Shipp

What Is This Thing Called Shipp? Matthew Shipp – Art of the Improviser Thirsty Ear 57197 – 2cds Matthew solo live in Paris January 28, 2011 Matthew Shipp Trio live at (Le) Poisson Rouge March 7, 2011   Recognizable materials: Piano Pianist Standards / or at least fragments of such Improvisation Recently I had the pleasure of seeing a Matthew Shipp solo gig in Paris. This was followed a … Read more Steve Dalachinsky on Matthew Shipp

Call for Papers: Habib Tengour Issue

Expressions maghrébines Revue de la Coordination internationale des chercheurs sur les littératures du Maghreb Appel à articles Les écritures nomades de Habib Tengour vol. 11, no 1, été 2012   Dossier coordonné par Pierre Joris et Sonia Zlitni Fitouri Date limite de soumission des articles : 30 juin 2011   « L’image est souveraine dans le cri de l’aube. » L’Arc et la cicatrice Habib Tengour, écrivain, poète et sociologue algérien, … Read more Call for Papers: Habib Tengour Issue

Cockelbergh’s “Marginalalia”

Peter Cockelbergh has just written what amounts to the first solid review of my book of essays, Justifying the Margins. For the occasion he has done way more: he has put together a feature on my work for Jacket # 40 —  you can access it all here — that includes, besides his review, a choice of poems, extracts from the forthcoming Paul Celan Meridian volume, and two essays … Read more Cockelbergh’s “Marginalalia”

The Meridian—Paul Celan

While spending much of the weekend correcting the page proofs of my translation of Paul Celan—The Meridian: Final Version-Drafts-Materials forthcoming in the eponymous collection directed by Werner Hamacher at Stanford University Press, I noticed that the book is already available for pre-ordering from Amazon. Here is the publisher’s description of the book: Originally presented as a speech to the German Academy for Language and Poetry on the occasion of … Read more The Meridian—Paul Celan