Gauss Seminars on Paul Celan’s Meridian

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  1. Poo says:


  2. Ed Baker says:

    seems to me Cid once told me that he was the first to translate and publish Celan’s work… in Origin

    and that Celan sued him to stop any of Cid’ further publication of his poems

    there is also a very moving membrance piece by Jean Daive translated by Rosmarie Waldrop titled:

    UNDER THE DOME: Walks with Paul Celan

    • Pierre Joris says:

      Cid was there early on, but I think the first was Jerry Rothenberg who included his Celan translations in his 1959 City lights collection NEW YOUNG GERMAN POETS (I do a little bit of a history of that in my PAUL CELAN: SELECTIONS from UCP).
      Daive’s book to me is somewhat troubling — I wanted to like it very much, but have some misgivings about it.
      Still it’s good to have it.

  3. Ed Baker says:

    I think that you are right-on entirely

    I keep my Celan “stuff” next to my Bachman
    from this distance I (still) get chills when-ever I revisit either’s work….

    my mother’s family got out of Romania early on..

    Papa Saul “saw the hand-writing on the wall” got out and into Lower Manhattan around 1905 …

    originally they schlepped from Russia to Romania to USA from same area that Fiddler On The Roof takes place….
    will see if i can locate a copy of Jerry’s book and yours as

    I have the Hamburger Celan and John Felstiner’s:
    Poet, Survivor, Jew

    now filling in what I’ve missed (1974-2000) at 72
    sure is a “trip” ;

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