Rain Taxi Fundraising Auction

Do help Rain Taxi, the finest review magazine we have for the poetries & proses that otherwise do not get reviewed! Here is their annual call for their fundraiser:

Our annual benefit auction allows readers to support our nonprofit literary organization and get cool stuff at the same time! You’ll find signed first editions, gorgeous broadsides, rare chapbooks, esteemed graphic novels, quirky collectibles, original art, this year’s Rain Taxi Quilt, and more!

Antonin ARTAUD, Neil GAIMAN, Tess GALLAGHER, Jaimy GORDON, Ben KATCHOR, Bill KNOTT, Michael ONDAATJE, Ron PADGETT, Gary SNYDER, James TATE, Craig THOMPSON, Daniel WOODRELL, and Jim WOODRING are just some of the authors whose works you’ll find.

  Click here to view all of our items, or go to our website for an alphabetical list. The auction ends on Monday December 19 at noon central time, and winnings can easily be shipped to arrive in timely fashion if they are intended as gifts. Good luck and happy bidding!

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