Poet Galal El-Behairy’s ‘Letter from Tora Prison’

via ArabLit: Ahead of the expected verdict for imprisoned Egyptian poet Galal El-Behairy, ArabLit — like PEN centers around the world — is sharing a work El-Behairy wrote in prison: El-Behairy was arrested more than three months ago, on March 3, 2018, on charges related to his most recent book of poems, خير نسوان الأرض, The Finest Women on Earth (2018) and lyrics he wrote for Ramy Essam’s song “Balaha.” A campaign against him … Read more Poet Galal El-Behairy’s ‘Letter from Tora Prison’

Day of Blogging for Ahmed Naji: His Reading Recommendations

BY MLYNXQUALEY on MAY 16, 2016 • ( 0 ) From noon on Monday, May 16 through noon on Tuesday, May 17, the world will host a “Day of Blogging for Ahmed Naji.” This comes on the same day he receives his PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award, in absentia, in NYC: Naji has been in jail since February 20 on charges of “violating public morals” with a published excerpt of … Read more Day of Blogging for Ahmed Naji: His Reading Recommendations


via Arab Literature (in English) & MLYNXQUALEY on JANUARY 16, 2016 • ( 1 ) Earlier this week, Omar Hazek was prevented from leaving Egypt to receive the 2016 Oxfam Novib/PEN Award for Freedom of Expression: What follows is a transcript of the talk he would’ve given, in translation, if he’d been there to receive his free-speech award: PEN International and Oxfam Novib, Ladies & Gentlemen: I would like to thank you … Read more THE TALK WRITER OMAR HAZEK WOULD’VE GIVEN IF HE’D BEEN ALLOWED TO RECEIVE HIS FREE-SPEECH AWARD

Gamal al-Ghitani (1945-2015)

Towering Egyptian Novelist and Cultural Critic, Gamal al-Ghitani, Dies at Age 70 BY MLYNXQUALEY on OCTOBER 18, 2015 • ( 3 ) Acclaimed Egyptian novelist and journalist Gamal al-Ghitani has died in a Cairo military hospital, aged 70: He had been in a coma in al-Galaa Military Hospital for two months after being admitted with respiratory problems. He reportedly suffered a heart attack in August and was deprived of oxygen. According to Al … Read more Gamal al-Ghitani (1945-2015)

Interview with Nawal El Saadawi

Below the opening paragraphs of an interview with Egyptian author Nawal El Saadawi; you can read the full interview in Qantara magazine, here: “They don’t want any really courageous people!” The spirited Egyptian author and feminist Nawal El Saadawi is not afraid of castigating the hypocrisy of the political system and the continued violations of women’s rights in her country. Arian Fariborz spoke to her in Cairo Ms Saadawi, … Read more Interview with Nawal El Saadawi

In Support of Omar Hazek

via Arab Literature (in English): BY MLYNXQUALEY on MARCH 23, 2014 PEN International, which has investigated Hazek’s case,also came out last week with an action appeal on Hazek’s behalf. In a statement, the organization said: PEN International protests the two-year prison sentence handed down to Egyptian poet Omar Hazek, who has been held in custody since his arrest in early December 2013 for taking part in a protest. Omar Hazek was held … Read more In Support of Omar Hazek

Writers on Egypt’s Constitution Committee

via Arab Literature (in English): Two Novelists, Poet on Egypt’s 50-member Constitution Committee BY MLYNXQUALEY on SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 • ( 0 ) On Sunday afternoon, Egypt’s presidential spokesman Ihab Badawi announced names of the 50 member-committee given the job of re-drafting the suspended 2012 constitution:“Nostalgia” by Mohammed Abla It should at the very least be a compelling read, as two novelists — Mohammed Salmawy and Haggag Oddoul, and a poet, Sayed Hegab – are on the committee. … Read more Writers on Egypt’s Constitution Committee

Avnery: Cry, Beloved Country

Uri Avnery August 24, 2013 Cry, Beloved Country I DIDN’T want to write this article, but I had to. I love Egypt. I love the Egyptian people. I have spent some of the happiest days of my life there. My heart bleeds when I think of Egypt. And these days I think about Egypt all the time. I cannot remain silent when I see what is happening there, an … Read more Avnery: Cry, Beloved Country

Al-Ahram’s Special Issue

The 25 January Revolution (Special issue) Egypt, after birth pangs The showdown over the future of the country is far from over. Assem El-Kersh discusses the prospects and implications 25, 28 Youssef Rakha on the first two Days Cyber revolution Mohamed Abdel-Baky reports on the role of Internet activists in instigating protests Testimony from Tahrir Gerard O’Neill once said: “Here is my advice as we begin the century that will … Read more Al-Ahram’s Special Issue