Syrian Intellectual Yassin al-Haj Saleh Speaks Out

The Boston Review has just published a major interview with activist & intellectual Yassin al-Haj Saleh by Danny Postel and Nader Hashemi, co-editors of The Syria Dilemma. Yassin al-Haj Saleh is often called the conscience of the Syrian revolution. Born in Raqqa in 1961, he was arrested in 1980, while a medical student in Aleppo, and imprisoned for his membership in a left-wing organization. He remained a political prisoner until 1996, spending the last of … Read more Syrian Intellectual Yassin al-Haj Saleh Speaks Out

& Cronenberg Interviews

…  Via the German Perlentaucher site (my daily info place for Kulchural matters from Germany) I just came upon these long interviews with David Cronenberg (btw. the above is a still pix, not a link). These aren’t available — as far as I can see — on youtube, but very watchable on the German 3sat site, here. (In a strange way my haircut theme from yesterday’s post on Cassavetes … Read more & Cronenberg Interviews

Nicole Peyrafitte Interviewed by Leonard Schwartz

A half hour radio conversation between Nicole Peyrafitte & Leonard Schwartz will air today on KAOS radio at 5:30pm PT — live on 89.3 FM in Washington State. It can be heard anywhere in the world on the station’s audio stream here. They will be talking mainly about (& Nicole will perform — live over the phone! — from) her new book Bi-Valve.

Interview on Maghreb Anthology in “Africa Is A Country”

The Book of North African Literature: Pierre Joris on Poetry and Miscegenation. By Orlando Reade. December 5 2013. A 743-page anthology of North African literature was published by the University of California last year. Ranging from documents made in sixth century Carthage to experimental prose published months after the 2011 uprisings, the Book of North African Literature is the fourth installment in the Poems for the Millenium, a series initiated in 1995 by Pierre … Read more Interview on Maghreb Anthology in “Africa Is A Country”

Happy 200th B-Day…

… Søren Kierkegaard! Who wrote in his Diary of a Seducer: “I am an aesthete, an eroticist, who has grasped the nature and the point of love, who believes in love and knows it from the ground up, and I reserve for myself only the private opinion that no love affair should last more that a half a year at most and that any relationship is over as soon as … Read more Happy 200th B-Day…

Mohammed Bennis Interview

The excellent BANIPAL magazine has just published a solid interview with Moroccan poet Mohammed Bennis conducted by Camilo Gomez-Rivas. Opening paras below. You can access the whole piece here. Mohammed Bennis lives for literature, and for poetry in particular. Camilo Gomez-Rivas introduces this influential Moroccan literary figure and poet, with an in-depth interview and translations from two of his most important poetry collections. The semantic shifts one encounters in a single … Read more Mohammed Bennis Interview

Henze’s Last Interview, Possibly

Below, a short extract of an interview with recently deceased composer Hans Werner Henze. The interview was conducted by David Patrick Stearns & published on his Condemned to Music blog on ArtsJournalBlogs. You can read the piece in toto here: Q: Whenever I tell people the plot of Elegy for Young Lovers, their jaws drop. They can’t believe an opera has such a fearlessly outrageous story – a ruthless, egomaniacal poet named Mittenhofer … Read more Henze’s Last Interview, Possibly

Interview, Poems, Reading

Check out: — in 3 a.m. magazine: maintenant #94 An interview with Pierre Joris by SJ Fowler. — Two (poems) by Pierre Joris R Train Spotting QUERY on the latest Truck. & if by any chance you’re in Lyon, France next week: THURSDAY 11 OCTOBER ENS de Lyon – CERCC (Centre d’Etudes et de recher­ches Comparées sur la créa­tion, EA 1633) Colloque “Traduire sans papiers” : 10-11-12 octobre 2012 « Traduire … Read more Interview, Poems, Reading