The Gulf in Luxembourg

Auteur : Pierre Joris Musique : Composers: Gene Coleman, Chris Jonas & Gabriel Jackson. Choir Director: Jeff Mack Avec : with Pierre Joris and The Duke’s Singers Une production : Théâtre National du Luxembourg Lieu de production : Théâtre National du Luxembourg 194, route de Longwy L-1940 Luxembourg Téléphone: (00352) 26 44 12 70 1 TICKETS Vendredi 23 octobre 2015 20:00 TICKETS Dimanche 25 octobre 2015 17:00 TICKETS Mercredi … Read more The Gulf in Luxembourg

Poetry and theater: PJ as Poet-in-residence

  by Florent Toniello | 2015-10-08 | Kultur in Woxx: He’s a successful Luxembourgish writer who chose already decades ago to live his dream abroad and write in English. Meet Pierre Joris, artist-in-residence this season at the Théâtre national du Luxembourg. When starting a conversation with Pierre Joris, any poetry enthusiast has to be humbled by the achievements of the Strasbourg-born Luxembourger now residing in New York: close to 50 books … Read more Poetry and theater: PJ as Poet-in-residence

Tageblatt Article on PJ @ Luxembourg National Theater

Heute hier, morgen da Eineinhalb Stunden verfliegen wie zehn Minuten, und selbst der Automatenkaffee schmeckt irgendwie nach Zaubertrank. Ein wenig high verlässt man das Theater schon – nach einem Gespräch mit Pierre Joris. Die Droge? Na, die Sprache. Er wohnt nicht in Luxemburg, sondern in New York. Und er ist eigentlich kein Theatermensch, sondern in erster Linie Dichter. Der diesjährige „auteur en résidence“ des TNL ist schon etwas ganz … Read more Tageblatt Article on PJ @ Luxembourg National Theater

Robert Kelly, Playwright

Just out from Dr. Cicero Press is the first collection of Robert Kelly’s plays, Oedipus after Colonus and Other Plays — a real treat from one of our best & most prolific poets and fiction writers (& wait for his Collected Essays coming out this fall from Contra Mundum Press!). The book gathers five plays, three of which, Oedipus after Colonus, Monologues for Orpheus & Orestes reach back to Greek … Read more Robert Kelly, Playwright

Oakley — a Grin on His Face

Very sad to hear this morning of the passing of Oakley Hall III. Below, the mail just sent out by his family. Oakley had a complex, difficult life as a man and artist — with great successes against the odds after his fall. Only this past year did he finish & publish a marvelous book, Jarry and Me: The Autobiography of Alfred Jarry for which I wrote the following blurb: “Is … Read more Oakley — a Grin on His Face

Robert Kelly’s “Oedipus After Colonus”

a new play by Robert Kelly this week in Manhattan, next week in Woodstock– Directed by Crichton Atkinson and starring Carey Harrison as Oedipus Manhattan: Wednesday through Sunday, SEPTEMBER 8-12th at 7PM ‘OEDIPUS AFTER COLONUS’ is being shown at HERE Arts Center in Manhattan. FIVE NIGHTS ONLY! MAKE SEATING IS LIMITED All Tickets $15 HERE – September 8th – 12th @ 7pm 145 6TH Ave. (Enter on Dominick,  1 … Read more Robert Kelly’s “Oedipus After Colonus”