Food Safety Threatened, Democracy Subverted

Reprinted from current issue of Organic Consumer Association: Consumer Alert: Secret Trade Agreements Threaten Food Safety, Subvert Democracy By Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association, June 13, 2013 For related articles and more information, please visit OCA’s Food Safetypage and Politics and Democracy page. If you think the U.S. government is doing a sub-par job of keeping your food safe, brace yourself. You could soon be eating imported seafood, beef … Read more Food Safety Threatened, Democracy Subverted

Percolating News from Nicole Peyrafitte

Nicole Peyrafitte has been busy 1) preparing for a performance and 2) preparing amazing food. Check it out:  Coming up on her Calendar: Saturday February 9 2PM  Artaud in the Black Lodge (A work in progress) An opera by David T. Little, libretto Anne Waldman Performeuse in libretto reading Culturemart 2013 HERE Arts Center 145 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10013 * * * and here, an … Read more Percolating News from Nicole Peyrafitte

World Trade, Food, Environment

Press Release by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) 11/22/2011 Growing world trade makes food production cheaper – at the expense of the environment Further opening of the markets for agricultural products leads to lower production costs for food. This will happen at the expense of the environment though, if for example forests are turned into cropland. The conflict of interests between food production and climate protection … Read more World Trade, Food, Environment

Le Chicken Rapide…

Well, I was not going to post anything today — Sunday rest, I guess,  though there was little rest in fact: I spent the whole day correcting proofs for the Celan MERIDIAN — done now! Nicole was working just as concentratedly  & just now posted the results: her incredible Fast Poulet recipe with reflections on music. Go and check it out on her COLLECTAGES blog. It was a scrumptious … Read more Le Chicken Rapide…

Nicole Peyrafitte Interview & ore, I Mean More…

The online New York mag published an interview with Nicole Peyrafitte this past week. The interviewer is  Dan Godston and he starts with the following two tidbits: DG: How long have you been creating art? NP: For as long as I can remember — I always sang, drew, cooked, danced, made collages, and took pictures. I started organizing performances when I was about six or seven years old. … Read more Nicole Peyrafitte Interview & ore, I Mean More…


when: Saturday, July 3, 2010, 12 Noon where: 53 Tsatsawassa Lake Road, East Nassau, NY For more info/directions contact Philip Good (518) 794-0234, ******************************************************************** Dear Helloes All! Get ready for some WORLD CLASS repast & repartee at The Poetry State Forest! It’s that time again under the Sugar Maples! YEZ, this year’s fandango will be greater than EVER! As usual our annual rendezvous at Bernadette Mayer’s and Philip … Read more THE BERNADETTE MAYER 11th ANNUAL POETRY BBQ

Sax, Soup, Poetry & Voice

Just released by the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY:  Sax, Soup, Poetry & Voice Nicole Peyrafitte (voice & soup), Pierre Joris (poetry), Joe Giardullo (saxophone) the DVD of the performance/concert given in November 2007. It is available through Ta’wil Productions for $5 (i.e. handling & shipping costs)! Below, my poem-recipe for cooking hare, or rabbit, as the case may be, & Nicole’s recipe for the one she … Read more Sax, Soup, Poetry & Voice

unSituationist Dinner in Paris: Debord Rolls Over in his Grave

Via, the translation of news article published in 14 June 2009 edition of “Le Monde”: in order to pay off Ms Alice Debord, the Bibliotheque nationale Francaise must come up with approximately $500,000 (if not more) to prevent the sale of the complete archives of Guy Debord to someone else (Yale University, perhaps). Guy Debord: National Treasure? The countdown has begun. And time is passing quickly. Ever since … Read more unSituationist Dinner in Paris: Debord Rolls Over in his Grave

& now for breakfast

Well, the best part of this gloriously sunny Bay Ridge Sunday morning were not the poetry reviews (see below) or even Jim Andrews’ poetry shooting game, but breakfast! Nicole proposed her pancakes, I made the “appareil” (I love that french kitchen word that describes a variety of combinations at the root of given recipes — makes me think of a more interesting Heidegerrian “Gestell”), i.e. the batter, according to … Read more & now for breakfast