Nicole Peyrafitte Interview & ore, I Mean More…

Summer Autoportrait on Staten Island Beach

The online New York mag published an interview with Nicole Peyrafitte this past week. The interviewer is  Dan Godston and he starts with the following two tidbits:

DG: How long have you been creating art?

NP: For as long as I can remember — I always sang, drew, cooked, danced, made collages, and took pictures. I started organizing performances when I was about six or seven years old.

DG: Who are some of your influences, with your music?

NP: First and most important was jazz. My family ran a resort hotel with a nightclub in the spa town of Luchon in the south of France. My dad loved jazz, and during the summer season he would have a house band and he would always bring in jazz musicians.

You can read the whole thing here. NP has also been busy with her Collectages blog, and if you have a minute this summer, check out her recipes for squid in its ink (delicious, delicious) — there are two posts on how to prepare it, here is the first, here the second — especially of you accompany it with my own version of Tchaktchouka, the Maghrebi sweet peppers & onions medley, recipe here.For dessert check out Nicole’s incredible mint ice cream, here. (I get to lick the pots & love the basic appareil as much as the ice cream itself!)

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  1. Chuck Godwin says:

    I made the tchaktchouka. Delicious! Even my grandkids liked it and they don’t like anything. Well, almost….
    I just discovered your blog. I took out your Paul Celan Selections from the library today. I just discovered him reading on lyrikline.

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