Aretha Franklin (March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018)

  A collection of Aretha links America was always at its best when Aretha Franklin’s voice was the loudest in the room. We got one last reminder of that in the shadow of her passing, as a word one never associates with modern social media began to trend: Respect. David Remnick in The New Yorker: “Aretha Franklin’s voice was a pure, painful, and unforgettable expression of American history and … Read more Aretha Franklin (March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018)

Norman Weinstein’s Homage to Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor: Completion Then Scherzo in Mind (1928-2018) : keyboard, acquire roiling equipoise. Who once sent your keys catapulting into free space breathes somewhere his vapor trail here after remains in visible, his touch whole tone holy sprit tongues vibrate as waves shimmer radiant radiant off a Telsa coil.             This meteor  shower dis ceased clears a night sky for constellations which swell at … Read more Norman Weinstein’s Homage to Cecil Taylor

Shakuhachi Master Akikazu Nakamura in Concert: “Transformation,” “Crane’s Nesting” & “Jinbo Sanya.”

I was pleased to have been present for the first musical event in a new series organized by ACF Philadelphia at the MAAS Center on February 21st. It featured shakuhachi master and composer Akikazu Nakamura. As the program put it:  “Akikazu Nakamura is an ideal first guest for the series, in that his musical universe encompasses a range of styles that may seem very unusual. He is a highly regarded master of the … Read more Shakuhachi Master Akikazu Nakamura in Concert: “Transformation,” “Crane’s Nesting” & “Jinbo Sanya.”

“For Orpheus”

A choral piece by composer William Brooks, commissioned by The Crossing as a part of “Jeff Quartets”, a concert in memory of Jeff Dinsmore. Original poem by Pierre Joris, also commissioned by The Crossing. Here is the poem: Jeff Dinsmore Acrostic Elegy Like Orpheus, for you, Jeff, we finger the strings of life to play in sorrow and dEep choral dismay a plaint of life and death our co-Founders two … Read more “For Orpheus”

Keep Sane: Listen to Music

Given the situation, the need to keep mind on even, working keel is essential — too much reading in the proses of urgency is bad for eyes & mind; close these for a moment but open ears: listen, listen in, listen up, listen down. Ps. I have been listening all day to Matthew Shipp’s Trio latest release: PIANO SONG. It is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t miss it! Haven’t been able to locate any upload … Read more Keep Sane: Listen to Music

Saravah, Pierre Barouh!

Are all the good ones going to split before 2017? What is it they know about the year to come? This morning brings the news that Pierre Barouh, the French singer, composer, lyricist & founder of Saravah Records (Saravah is an African word that means salvation, benediction) passed yesterday at 82 from a massive heart attack. In early November, in Paris, we sat at dinner with him & the whole gang … Read more Saravah, Pierre Barouh!

Boulez Conducts: An Homage poem from 1974

Over the last few days I have been listening to what Boulez compositions (for ex. his Répons) I have been able to gain access too, various talks & interviews while thinking back on the many years during which he has been a major composer, conductor, thinker & writer for me. As chance would have it, an advance copy of my new collection of poems, An American Suite, to be published in March … Read more Boulez Conducts: An Homage poem from 1974