Food Safety Threatened, Democracy Subverted

Reprinted from current issue of Organic Consumer Association: Consumer Alert: Secret Trade Agreements Threaten Food Safety, Subvert Democracy By Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association, June 13, 2013 For related articles and more information, please visit OCA’s Food Safetypage and Politics and Democracy page. If you think the U.S. government is doing a sub-par job of keeping your food safe, brace yourself. You could soon be eating imported seafood, beef … Read more Food Safety Threatened, Democracy Subverted

Nicole Peyrafitte’s “Bi-Valve”….

…is out! (Available via SPD here.) Writes her publisher: Enter vulvic space through Pyrenean caves & sacred stones, feel the wind & smell the shells of the Verrazano Narows. Bi-Valve is a tri-lingual sonic unfolding of Nicole Peyrafitte’s paintings, poems and vocals. Accompanied by jazz virtuoso Michael Bisio, Peyrafitte enters a geo-psychic knowledge that pulses with materiality. “…I am a resistant / multilingual migratory bi-valve/ with eyes   lens   retina.” … Read more Nicole Peyrafitte’s “Bi-Valve”….

Percolating News from Nicole Peyrafitte

Nicole Peyrafitte has been busy 1) preparing for a performance and 2) preparing amazing food. Check it out:  Coming up on her Calendar: Saturday February 9 2PM  Artaud in the Black Lodge (A work in progress) An opera by David T. Little, libretto Anne Waldman Performeuse in libretto reading Culturemart 2013 HERE Arts Center 145 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10013 * * * and here, an … Read more Percolating News from Nicole Peyrafitte

What We’ve Been Up To

— Nicole helps bake a mountain cake for my birthday & documents the process: Coque or Gâteau à la Broche – Nicole Peyrafitte Photos Credit: Nicole Peyrafitte & Roland Jamme Video: Nicole Peyrafitte Flower arrangement on the cake: Sylvia Gorelick.  — & I get published inside a gator: i.e. in alligatorzine alligatorzine113 | Pierre Joris | St/range: An uncertain range with a French translation by Peter Cockelbergh here. alligatorzine114 | Pierre Joris | Meditations on the Stations of … Read more What We’ve Been Up To