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— Nicole helps bake a mountain cake for my birthday & documents the process:

Coque or Gâteau à la Broche – Nicole Peyrafitte
Photos Credit: Nicole Peyrafitte & Roland Jamme Video: Nicole Peyrafitte Flower arrangement on the cake: Sylvia Gorelick. 

— & I get published inside a gator: i.e. in alligatorzine
with a French translation by Peter Cockelbergh here.
alligatorzine114 | Pierre Joris | Meditations on the Stations of Mansur al-Hallaj


& here’s a poem by the 10Cth century Andalusian poet Yusuf ibn Harun Al-Ramadi (d. ? 1022)

translated by Abdelfetah Chenni & P.J.

hugging letters & beauty spots

when you look at letters tracing a line
some are linked, others stand far apart
see how the former seem to be hugging
and the latter look like gap teeth in a mouth
— yet both are pearls extracted
by thought diving into a pulsing mind

black ink spots on the whiteness of the page:
beauty spots on the lover’s lustrous face

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