Nicole Peyrafitte’s “Bi-Valve”….

…is out! (Available via SPD here.)


Writes her publisher: Enter vulvic space through Pyrenean caves & sacred stones, feel the wind & smell the shells of the Verrazano Narows. Bi-Valve is a tri-lingual sonic unfolding of Nicole Peyrafitte’s paintings, poems and vocals. Accompanied by jazz virtuoso Michael Bisio, Peyrafitte enters a geo-psychic knowledge that pulses with materiality. “…I am a resistant / multilingual migratory bi-valve/ with eyes   lens   retina.” Look and listen as she offers a corporeal map of receptivity: “it is simple / elemental   secular & séculaire /  I watch the tide   the sunset.”  She mirrors, for us, the matrix that is us. “Je ne perçois pas toujours les formes / mais je suis une coquille chantante / je détecte la lumière   le mouvement / & / je vulvapplaudis la lumière.”  Then, she feeds us (recipe included).

“—a cd to be read a book to be heard looked at—a total experience and joyful celebration without limits—’face to face’ in your face dialogues—a work charged with a rare dynamic that Peyrafitte and few others can accomplish conveying a mix of (e)motion light text(ure) and sound—savored—Bi-Valve is about receiving so prepare yourself to enter Nicole’s ex/centric Vulvic World—cross the lake to ‘The Gallery of Marvels’ with Bisio at the helm always guiding the rudder with his strong comforting pulse—give yourself up to ‘the harmony of the vulvic universe.'” — Steve Dalachinsky

“I’ve read and I’ve seen (first look) and I find the book so well done and well conceived, with an attitude, a stance, emanating from it. It is a gorgeously designed work and the art is superb and astounding. In terms of the text, of course I love this back-and-forth of translation, of meaning, of meaning rebellious toward its own mirror. The whole question of language speaks to me loudly. This said, I do at times feel slightly estranged from this world of strong matter, if I may put it that way.” — Nicole Brossard

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