American Hybrid on Reality Street

A week or so ago I posted a link to Peter Riley’s review of the American Hybrid anthology [here] in the Fortnightly Review; poet & publisher Ken Edwards has just published a piece on this review & anthology on his Reality Street site, which begins as follows: Is it all over? Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, October 5, 2012 Under: writing Peter Riley, in his always interesting regular slot for The Fortnightly Review, … Read more American Hybrid on Reality Street

The Moors – Little Lemon & Kolomeike & More

Old friend, poet & publisher of Reality Street Editions, Ken Edwards’ band The Moors perform 1) a medley of two klezmer tunes. “Kolomeike” (sometimes spelt “kolemeyke”) is a generic term for a kind of Ukrainian dance. 2) “When I Was Young & Full of Passion” written by Ken Edwards The Moors are based in Hastings, UK. The lineup here is Jenny Benwell (fiddle), Elaine Edwards (soprano sax), Andy Maby (drums), … Read more The Moors – Little Lemon & Kolomeike & More

Some Summer Noticings

Catching up with accumulated magazines, webpages & sundry readings, here are a few gleanings: — Good analysis of the BP-disaster & its (very overlooked connections with similar oil-disaster brought about by the naked greed of the Oil Cos in other parts of the world, i.e. far away from what I call the ABS syndrome (American Bellybutton Staring), can be found here, on TomDispatch in a piece by Ellen Cantarow. … Read more Some Summer Noticings

Ballard, Edwards, Peyrafitte & Waldman

Last full day at the University for this semester, thus little or no time for the blog today. But do go and check out Ken Edwards’ lovely & thoughtful piece on J.G. Ballard as a central figure of a “lost avant-garde” on Ken’s Reality Street blog — here. Nicole Peyrafitte also has a lovely busy entry documenting her busy week — here. And, finally, before disappearing into doctoral dissertations … Read more Ballard, Edwards, Peyrafitte & Waldman