What do Luxembourg, a Python Skin, Translation & Ed Dorn Have in Common?

Nothing, except this post: Off this afternoon to Luxembourg to visit the family, and especially my mother, 88 and not in great shape. Then on to Paris & a conference on translation (details in the next few days for those of you interested in translation who may be in Paris on 11-12 May). Last night Ken Irby forwarded the photo below — via Kyle Waugh — of a smiling Ed Dorn in 1987. Thinking of Dorn, also check out the January 2010 piece from the Boulder Reporter on the python skin Harvey Bialy had sent the Dorns in 1978 from Ile-Ife, Nigeria where he had been teaching (Harvey tried to get me to come down to teach there too, but I wound or found my way to Constantine, Algeria instead).

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3 Responses

  1. A wonderful picture.

  2. Tom Clark says:


    Nice picture of Ed, happy.

    Hope you have some good hours with your mother.

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