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If you want some cultural/political news from Europe, keep checking signandsight’s articles. Below, this week’s crop:

This week we put two new features online:

Don Camillo and the Imam

Italy has been slow to address the danger of radical Islam. For too
long it was the domain of right-wing rabble-rousers while the left
slumbered away in “Islam correctness”. At last the left-wing liberal
Reset magazine has launched a proper debate. By Franz Haas


Not my son

The Amsterdam district of Slotervaart, where Theo van Gogh’s murderer
lived, continues to be plagued by outbreaks of violence from youths in
the immigrant communities. Many of their parents have withdrawn from
what they perceive as the hostile outside world, which they invariably
blame when their children go astray. By Margalith Kleijwegt


The European Film Academy’s Conference EUROPE ON THE MOVE –
is an interdisciplinary discussion about the
(cultural) effects of migration with filmmakers like Amos Gitai,
Marjane Satrapi, Danis Tanovic and many others.
Berlin, 1 Dec 2007.

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  1. Stephen Mitchelmore says:

    I do wish Sign&Sight would balance its obsession with “radical Islam” by asking how Italy, Germany or whoever they want to patronise is ‘addressing the danger’ of 1 million or more deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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