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Double life is the drug

Kurt von Hammerstein was head of the Reichswehr, a grand seigneur, and
an implacable opponent of National Socialism. In his new book
“Hammerstein oder Der Eigensinn” (Hammerstein or idiosycrasy), Hans
Magnus Enzensberger engages in dialogues with the dead to deliver a
literary and lunatic precipitate of German history. By Ina Hartwig

From the Feuilletons

The German debate on youth violence has been catapulted into the
extremes. Daniel Barenboim comes in for some stinging critisim in die
Welt. Andre Glucksmann underscores his laicist convictions with some
statistics. Writer Peter Schneider sees a failing state behind Naples’
burning mountains of rubbish. A new Russian media surveillance office
looks very much like a censorship authority. And Chechnyan human
rights activist Zainap Gashaeva tells of Grosny’s forgotten suffering.

Magazine Roundup

In the Nouvel Obs, Algerian writer Boualem Sansal sees only a fine
line between Islamism and Nazism. Nueva Sociedad embarks on an odyssey
through Mexico City. In Elet es Irodalom, theologian Tamas Majsai
wants to see the Church taking a stand against the Hungarian Guard. As
long as skirts are being worn short in Indonesia, The Economist
reassures us, there’s no need to fear Islamism. Philosopher Frederic
Worms recommends Henri Bergson as “an antidote to depression” in Le
Point. In the New York Times, Steven Pinker dwells on morality and

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