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Back to Rudi Dutschke’s pram

So what was 1968? It was when the children of German mass murderers
ran after mass murderer Mao Tsedong, says historian and ex-Maoist Götz
Aly. Absolutely not, says educationalist and author Katharina
Rutschky: The practice of dispelling fascism in the kindergarten was
far more important than ideology. Stefan Reinecke and Jan Feddersen
preside over a full-blown row.

Julia Fischer: Virtuosissima!!!

At the New Year’s concert in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt the audience’s
excitement was palpable. It was patently clear to all assembled that
they were either about to witness the disgrace of one of the world’s
greatest living violinists, or the triumphant birth of a new piano
virtuoso. By Arno Widmann

From the Feuilletons

Kenyan writer David G. Maillu proposes a new parliamentary system for
his country – based on age and sex. Romanian author Mircea Cartarescu
reveals the source of his nightmarish fantasies. Filmmaker Claude
Chabrol says society is one big bourgeoisie. The Camorra is cleaning
up with Naples’ rubbish. And the SZ looks at business correspondence
of extortionists.

Magazine Roundup

In Outlook India, Taslima Nasrin feels like the living dead. The New
York Review of Books introduces an Iraq blog. In Le Nouvel Obs,
Catherine Millet remembers the cold, intellectual eroticism of Simone
de Beauvoir. Plus-Minus takes its hat off to Sweden’s treatment of
foreign cultural treasures. The Guardian shines a torch into the world
of bibliotherapy. In Die Weltwoche, General Petraeus puts us in the
loop about al-Qaeda’s anti-smoking strategy. And Folio uncovers plans
to create a second Jewish land.

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