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Michael Bisio hard at work at 5C last night where he played an excellent gig with saxophonist Louie Belogenis. Will upload some sightandsound as soon as I have time. meanwhile, below, the latest sendings from signandsight:

Our two new features:

Macedonia – what’s in a name?

Dragan Klaic arrived in Skopje on the day that Greece vetoed Macedonia’s bid to join NATO at the summit in Bucharest. He found a nation reeling from this unexpected slap in the face.

And isn’t it baronic

Billed as the inspirational story of one of the greatest legends of all times, “The Red Baron” is flying, driving and healing Germany at dizzy cinematic heights. There are just not enough superlatives to do this film justice. By Ekkehard Knörer.

From the Feuilletons

Writer and sinologist Tilman Spengler sees a Wilhelmian streak in the Chinese leadership. The FAZ admires the Trojan horsiness of Louise Bourgeois’ work. Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky explains why the mere sight of a Bach score makes him feel castrated. The SZ mourns the loss of the communists in Italy. The FR dreams of a prostitute’s skeleton. And novelist Cecile Wajsbrot feels a new French Revolution in the air.

Magazine Roundup

Elet es Irodolam knows that ‘minor literature’ doesn’t have to be political to be political. World Affairs defends Hirsi Ali, Bruckner and Berman against Buruma, Garton Ash und Ramadan. Rue 89 works through a black book of censorship. In the TLS professor of geriatric medicine, Raymond Tallis, argues that too much brain is the death of literary criticism. Hector Abad speaks out against literary protectionism in Semana. Outlook India is thoroughly put out: revolution is simply not cricket. And Vanity Fair plunges into icy water with the Russians.

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