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Banished to the banlieues

The Parisian social sciences institutes are being turfed out of their
ancestral homes in the city’s most desirable arrondissements and
relocated to Aubervilliers. A bitter pill, but also a chance to turn
theory into practice. By Wolf Lepenies.

Bucharest in a trance

Romanian literature is still a tiny niche in the German book market.
Mircea Cartarescu’s latest novel to be published here, “Die Wissenden,” shows readers what they are missing. A visit to Bucharest to meet the man who is probably Romania’s most famous author. By Jörg Plath.


The European Film Academy’s Conference EUROPE ON THE MOVE –
is an interdisciplinary discussion about the
(cultural) effects of migration with filmmakers like Amos Gitai,
Marjane Satrapi, Danis Tanović, and many others.
Berlin, 1 Dec 2007.

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