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From the Feuilletons

Die Welt reveals why a Cinema for Peace gala was really a Cinema for
Peace with Putin gala. The taz responds to Recep Erdogan’s
controversial speech in Cologne. Andzrej Wajda speaks about his film
“Katyn”. The FAZ looks back at anti-Semitic cleansings in Poland in
1968. And the German encyclopedic institution Brockhaus has given up
the printed ghost.

Berlinale box

With the Berlin film festival well underway we pick out some of the
highlights. Jose Padilha’s “Tropa de Elite” might have all the
components of an Egoshooter film but it’s far off. Hongkong star
Johnnie To’s “Sparrow” is a bringer of unadulterated joy. Isabel
Coixet’s “Elegy” stars a couple of aging Roth rabbits. And P.T.
Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood” should be enjoyed on an empty

Magazine Roundup

Why do Germans like Nicolas Gomez Davila, asks Semana. Le Monde
diplomatique goes on a cruise with some Park Avenue ladies. The
Spectator buries Venice. Nepszabadsag looks for real Hungarian liberal
democrats. In, Kevin Kelly looks to the future of the culture
industry in the internet. And Portfolio has seen the nemesis of the
culture industry in the internet.

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